Rug hooking has gone to paper

DSCF1016As many of you know, every year I introduce several new patterns to my rug hooking catalog. This year I am adding something new by offering some new patterns exclusively to my etsy shop as PDF files. I have been excited about this format because it allows you to get the instant gratification of downloading a paper pattern after you pay for it without having to wait for it to be shipped. Of course there is no need for shipping charges. This especially pleases me when I think about how much postal prices have gone up for my Canadian customers.

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make your space more lived in

washboard flare

Surround yourself with the things you love and you will love being in your space. Start today! Winter is the perfect time for nesting. Ask yourself: how can I make some small corner of my home more me? What pleases me? Take some of the precious things out of their box and put them on display where you can enjoy them!

Here is Grandma’s old washboard framing a folk art piece that a friend gave me. Makes me smile everyday!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen

“If you want to be happier focus on what makes you happy.”

Karen Salmansohn

Colors imitate tea

One thing that I have learned about color, is that it is much like drinking tea.

I used to think that I didn’t like camomile tea or green tea as they were too strong and astringent for my tastes. And then I tried steeping them for only a few seconds or a few dunks. What a revelation! The happy ending is that now I love both of the aforementioned teas. A lot. I am so glad that I gave them a second try. As it turns out, just a light infusion is perfect for me.

DSCF1009This is my color story too. As I find some colors, namely orange and yellows, quite difficult for me to choose when I am hooking a rug. Continue reading

Handwork and a little hint

sale1One of my little joys is hand sewing, and November is my excuse to indulge in some fun handmade gifts.

For the last several years several of my local fiber friends and I have been a part of the Handmade Holiday Sale here in Eugene, Oregon. For one weekend after Thanksgiving we rent a space in town and fill it with fiber arts that we have made — knitting and weaving, hand spun yarn, felting, bookbinding, hand sewn work, jewelry, paper crafts, and hand dyed fiber for knitting and spinning. Continue reading

Tipp City class was a blast

11bI am back home from a wonderful time in Ohio, teaching a rug hooking class with Alice Strebel. Let me share some photos with you. I know that you have been patiently waiting to see my Tipp City rug, since I only showed you a corner of it. It is in the slide show below. Continue reading

Finishing my Tipp City rug

DSCF1046After I am finished hooking a rug, I steam press it from the back. But first I trim the threads from the looser woven wools. This is important to do, as you don’t want these threads catching on something, and pulling more of the wool out. I carefully lift each strand and trim them close to the hooking on the back. Continue reading