Colors imitate tea

One thing that I have learned about color, is that it is much like drinking tea.

I used to think that I didn’t like camomile tea or green tea as they were too strong and astringent for my tastes. And then I tried steeping them for only a few seconds or a few dunks. What a revelation! The happy ending is that now I love both of the aforementioned teas. A lot. I am so glad that I gave them a second try. As it turns out, just a light infusion is perfect for me.

DSCF1009This is my color story too. As I find some colors, namely orange and yellows, quite difficult for me to choose when I am hooking a rug. Continue reading

Books that give me color inspiration

DSCF1040If you get a chance to go to the bookstore, I suggest you peruse these books. I have really enjoyed both of them. Here are a couple of my favorite pages from Fifi O’Neill’s book, Romantic Prairie Style:

DSCF1042This stained glass door is so nostalgic. The vibrant glow makes the whole room sparkle. Will I have to take up stained glass next?

DSCF1041I was blown away with this color combination. First there are the soft, dusty aqua walls with the antique red curtains, chandelier, and natural wood furnishings. But then she tosses this vintage sapphire blue cloth across the table. I would have never thought this color would enhance everything as it does! Amazing!

Let color inspire you today ~ Karen

An exercise in color

DSCF1002I have been visiting the paint department in our local Home Depot frequently lately, and thought of a color exercise for us to do. Paint chips are wonderful things. In order to have a vision for working with color, not just painting your walls in color, many times you need to have colors that inspire you. Paint chips are a treasure trove of wonderful colors to dream on. Continue reading

Black and White

DSCF1041The graphic quality of black and white excites me. I have been working with this contrast lately and wanted to share with you a couple of projects that have turned out to be favorites. I went to the thrift store looking for a stool. I almost passed this one by. Imagine dark wood stain, overlooked by everyone because of its depressing blah everyday-ness. But I liked its bones, and it was sturdy with no structural issues.

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