Shrine to the Color Aqua

Aqua is my favorite color. For the moment. Favorites do change. Or modify. Green has been my favorite color for a long while now, but I went with aqua to freshen things up. I still feature green everywhere. But aqua is the green of choice.

Making a color shrine is fun. The shrine opens like a card and is made of two identical sized pieces of foam core. You can make any size or shape, stay to a simple rectangle or go with a peaked roof house shape like I did. Then cover the foam core with fabric. I used this “idaho potato” colored burlap that I found at Joann’s Fabric Store. I folded the burlap in half and covered both foam core pieces, leaving about a 1/2″ space as a sort of hinge between the two. Tacky glue in place, going over the edges with the glue. When all is dry, pinking-shear the edges. I glued ribbon and buttons to make a closure.

When the glue is dry you should be able to stand the piece up like an open card. You can either glue your photos and collage pieces down, or pin them for a more temporary hold. I used postcards, printed images from photos I saw online, keys, fiber, buttons and trims. Anything that reminded me of my favorite color. Crowd it all on there for that happy accident kind of look! I display my shrine wherever I want to bring that vibrant aqua feeling. Especially in winter, a jolt of color lifts my spirits.

I may make one of these for other themes — like Fall. Or maybe even to try out a color plan for a room… or my next hooked rug.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


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