Snapshot: Work In Progress

Here is my work in progress of the day: This is a small snippet of Le Petit Chateau, a new hooked rug design for next year’s catalog. This close up shows you some color blending in the border. I love interweaving similar colors to create movement. The reddish browns, grenadines, and dark khaki wools are seen in the wavy border above.

I really can’t show you too much more of it since it will spoil the shebang of the thing. These things are cloaked in utter secrecy. You understand, I am sure. But I can tell you that I had a lot of fun hooking it. The design is understated and easy to live with and I can’t wait to hang it on the wall of my dining room. This is part of a large leaf and a flower. I loved mixing the soft olive and periwinkle-grey colors in the leaf. Most of these wools are marbleized colors. The background is a mixture of several wools that have been dyed a light color called Earthy from a recipe in my Dusty Dye Book. The pink flowers are very muted mauve-rose colors. Pink and green is a color combination that I often gravitate to. They are complementary colors, which means they are colors that enhance each other.

Today I blocked the finished design and tonight I am starting to crochet the edges as my finish binding.

What are you creating today?

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Karen


3 thoughts on “Snapshot: Work In Progress

  1. Just found your Blog by way of Ali Striebel. Love your work and that very artistic eye. Someday I hope I have a room dedicated to my Hooking and whatever other endeavers i find myself wanting to try. I agree there is nothing like looking at a wall of beautiful wool.


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