Winter tree bones

Georgia Okeefe understood the beauty of bones. Here in the Oregon valley coridor we have plenty of bones— tree bones. I love studying tree bones throughout the winter.

Trees are graceful and their branches are like arms outstretched in a dance. I find them to be very inspiring. As if they are giants planted in the ground, each having a distinct attitude. This favorite sycamore tree in my neighborhood is so regal, like an elephant wildly calling out for a friend.

So winter has inspiration for me. On my walks I merely have to look past the gray rainy mist to see the dancing lady, the opera star, the yoga instructor, the neat-nick, the gnarled storyteller, the 50 foot woman, the bad hair day, and the calling elephant.

Have an imaginative day ~ Karen

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3 thoughts on “Winter tree bones

  1. Winter trees are truly an inspiration. I love looking up high into them right now because, if I’m lucky, I’ll spot a hawk or maybe an owl looking down. We lost gobs of huge tree limbs from an ice storm 3 years ago. It can be kind of sad this time of year seeing their broken “bones”… but growing back slowly. As for my shoes, my friend did them for me. She used sand paper, an ice pick, heavy scissors or maybe a knife, and pastels. It seems crazy, but these shoes are soooo much more comfortable and way cute! I get comments and compliments whenever I wear them. My favorite part is that she cut a fairly large opening to get wide pieces of wool to weave through for laces. I was apprehensive at first to let her have them, but I wouldn’t wear these shoes because they were just to stiff and hard. Another suggestion of hers was to run over them with the car. Sounds crazy, and not for everyone, but I think that could be a great solution if you like the rough beat up look…. which I love!


  2. Oh, yes! I love looking into trees in winter. Long ago when I was a 4-H leader, the county extension agent shared her appreciation of bare winter trees. I think it was related to the curriculum for the year’s 4-H study, but it opened my eyes to beauty I had never noticed. This same lady introduced me to hooking. So your post brought back wonderful memories of a special person. It’s raining here, and we are leaving shortly for a couple of days in a state park lodge–a Christmas gift we promised ourselves. My hooking is packed, now to get other things together….


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