Sad story of my first rug has a happy ending

My first ever hooked piece was a star runner that I modeled after Polly Minick’s star rug. I admired Polly’s simple design and thought that a star in a square looked like an easy beginner idea. This design seemed perfect since I had a very limited variety of wool to choose from, using mostly thrift store garments that I cut up with my rotary cutter. I simply used whatever colors I had and did not dye anything. For the backing fabric I used burlap since that was all that I could find to hook on.

I loved how my piece came out and displayed it on a coffee table with a potted plant on it. After a while I noticed that the pot had disintegrated the middle of my runner! What a horror, and I was sure that I would have to throw the whole thing away. My first piece. How sad.

I didn’t throw it away but moped about it for awhile. I hung it on a closet door, my poor dead rug.

Fortunately it occurred to me that I couldn’t make things any worse by cutting it up. So I bravely cut the runner into two pieces, cutting off the bad part. I was left with two squares. I just had to re-hook and re-bind them on that one edge.

And here is one of my new chair pads. It was a make-do rescue. I guess my first rug has now become my first two hooked pieces.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


2 thoughts on “Sad story of my first rug has a happy ending

  1. Hello!! I just ran across your blog from another I was reading! Congratulations and welcome to Blogland! I’ll put a link to yours on my sidebar!! I’ll miss seeing you in Tipp City this year! I need to send you a photo of my geometric rug from that class! Your new studio is looking fabulous!!!


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