Snapshot: On the circular needles

My motto is to never be caught without a project, and so knitting socks is my answer to fill a moment of inspiring… compulsion. Portable, easy, fun. Knitting socks is the only garment that always comes out right. I find that any other garment is always a wild card.

Socks just know what to do. They make themselves. All there is for you to do is follow the directions, and you knit a little 3 dimensional package that neatly fits a foot inside of it. Like magic.

I always knit 2 socks simultaneously on 2 circular needles. It only looks complicated. But I never have to go back and knit the second sock as they are completed at the same time.

I actually had given up on knitting until the advent of self-striping yarn. You get a┬ámysterious jumble of colors that makes up the ball of yarn, and as you knit all of the lovely colors keep popping out. The addiction is that you have to knit just one more row to see what is next. Childlike, I know, but I’m really not all that complicated.

Happy creating! ~ Karen


16 thoughts on “Snapshot: On the circular needles

  1. I can so identify with you, Karen! I made one too many of those wild cards… and I am now using the relatively new book, “Knitwear Design Workshop,” by Shirley Paden. It helps me take the “sheep” by the horns… so to speak! I am now starting with the yarn (especially my handspun) and make my own gauge… and then “build” my sweater from there. Hopefully THIS vest will really fit my son… and the sweater that he is knitting (he’s in med. school and badly needs the comforting rhythm of knitting to quiet his soul after a stressful day) will actually FIT him (the last one we felted to size down).


  2. I’ve never knit 2 at the same time on circulars, but I sure agree with you about the self-striping yarn. That stuff makes me look like I’m some sort of knitting goddess!


  3. Gorgeous colors! I believe you about socks making themselves….I guess. I tried knitting mittens many years ago and it was a disaster. Love the marbleized wool in your heading. I just tried making some last week and boy are they fun to do – like opening a gift!


  4. I love knitting socks now that I’ve found the two circular needles method. Soooo much easier than the double pointed.
    FYI: Found your site via


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