My new vintage chair is business as usual

This chair had my name on it at St Vincent DePaul’s. The scratched up finish does not put me off because no one would be offended if I painted over it. Which will likely be a project for another time. The upholstery is okay, not marvelous and yet not exactly offensive. I may slipcover it. But take a look at those animal paws for arms! Feline or canine and funky. Love em. When I sat in the chair it was comfy in a business-like way which suits its purpose: a place to conduct business comfortably. Knit. Read and write. Survey my domain. Hide from company in the corner.

And to my great joy I realized that my frame curls up to it like a… curl. And so I can hook at it! [insert hoots and hollers] And then there is so much tea to drink.

Oh the cleverness of me.

~ Karen


7 thoughts on “My new vintage chair is business as usual

  1. It looks perfect and comfy in the corner with frame and cuppa ready to go. I love giving battered and beautiful objects new homes. Wonderful find! A book you might enjoy is “For The Love Of Old” by Mary Randolph Carter. GORGEOUS shots of old, tattered, frayed, etc. I bought my nice and large hardback copy used on Amazon cheap. I have perused the luscious photos countless times over a glass of wine on a cold evening………..


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