This time of year I need more green

I was tempted today to buy primroses to add a splash of color to my winter table. But then I thought about how I don’t like to plant them in my garden afterward. They never come back again in subsequent years to bloom quite the same splendid way as in the garden center and instead look sad and tattered. So I rethought my flower fix and decided to instead get some creeping perennials.

I love the way they spread their territory under the shrubs, hiding the ground from the weeds, the mighty tiny folk that they are.

So my project of the day was to take them out of their pots and fit them into this old trug. I first lined it with a cake pan from the thrift store to hold in the moisture. The pan happened to fit perfectly! Then I put moss around each plant and gently watered them.

During the day they will sit on my table, and to keep them happy I will set them out on the porch at night. With my tiny garden oasis I can pretend to garden and satisfy my need for green growing things.

Thanks for the visit ~ Karen

2 thoughts on “This time of year I need more green

  1. What a nice idea! The greens are so pretty and the textures wonderful. I have narcissus and amaryllis blooming – this is a hard time of year….


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