New colors from the dye pot

Red was a wonderful invention. Every life should have a little red in it. And my new rug design will have a good dollop (or should I say wallop) of red in it too. My favorite reds have a quietness to them. An oxymoron: quiet red! Here on my hooking frame is my latest overdyed wool.

My color plan includes rich browns and antique black. These are newly marbleized pieces ready to be stripped.

Things are warming up in the studio as I select and cut wool for this project. It is hard not to be inspired by all the colorful fiber.

I have lots of wool stripped and cut. I find it hard to do other tasks in my day thinking about the time that I will finally be hooking. I relish my creative time!

Make sure to make some creative time ~ Karen


12 thoughts on “New colors from the dye pot

  1. Can’t wait to see what’s on your frame! Love your marbleized wool ~ I always did the light pastel colors until I saw your dark versions ~ very dramatic! You’re doing a great job at blogging daily ~ glad to see what you’re up to!!


    • thanks, alice, my goal has been to do a few posts a week, but i have just been inspired with many ideas to blog about. what is on my frame — i wish i could show it all! it is another new design for next year, so i will only give little peeks until it is unveiled next catalog! so glad that you are having fun marbleizing.


  2. Karen,
    I love your blog. Your new rug looks wonderful from the peeks we see. Red is one of my favourite colours. What kind of a frame is the new rug on? Could you explain the strips holding it on the frame, how and their purpose. Also love your marbled material.
    It’s a joy to visit your site. Thank you for sharing.


    • i knew that there would be some questions about my frame and process. i am hooking this rug with my speed tufting tool and will have to post more photos about it soon to show you the details! thanks for posting your comment.


  3. Hello Niece Karen…… Warm greetings from Florida. I’m enjoying your blog & seeing all the lovely things you are making. I found a pattern for baby booties & have crocheted several pair for your cousin Amber in NY. She & her husband are expecting a baby girl around the 1st of May.
    I too so enjoy my quiet time to just sit & crochet. I just started a colorful afghan last evening. Not as difficult as your projects, but enjoyable for me.
    I think spring has arrived here in Florida, although I’ve had flowers all winter. My Christmas cactus was loaded with blossoms through December & January. The pink azalea is in bloom now as is my red Hawaiian plant & purple passion plant.
    I also enjoy reading the posts & seeing what others are doing.
    Happy Spring!
    Blessings, Aunt Carol


    • thanks aunt carol for the nice comment and for reading the blog! all your blooms sound wonderful. i would love to see your crochet things. anytime you want to come visit you’ll have a nice old chair to sit in to crochet and read.


  4. What yummy, delicious colours. How I wish I lived closer so that I could come and play, but, New Zealand is just a bit too far. Have fun. I also love your studio and the idea of using those lovely suitcases as storage. I want to do that now.


    • my husband says that he wants me to teach a class in new zealand so that he will have an excuse to go fishing there!
      you are welcome to drop by anytime you decide to travel to oregon. thanks for checking out my blog.


  5. Karen:
    I found the comment area to the right of your blog post. There was a number “10”. That’s where your comment area shows up!
    Anyhow, I love stopping by to see what you have been up to. I have always thought of you by thinking of pinks and blues! I love all the newer colors I have been missing!!!!! Your newly dyed wool is just a HOOKERS DREAM! Seeing you create is a DREAM!!!! Love the studio!!! Kudos to you!!!! Thanks for the smiles!


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