Earthy colors in the dye pot

For my current rug I decided that the light values I was hooking with were not the right value but were too light for this design. So I chose deep earthy from my Dusty Dye Book swatches as the perfect color and value, and am going to dye it in three 1/2 yard batches so that I can get some variation in each one.

I measured slight variations of the formula into 3 separate jars. In one jar I used a very slightly rounded measure of one of the dye powders, in another a bit less, one jar held the original formula with no variations.

Each quarter yard was processed separately on the stovetop.

After rinsing and spinning out the water in my washing machine, I dried the wool. Only then can you really tell how everything came out.

I am very happy with how the colors came out. The slight differences in color will be an asset to the design. As little color as there is in these wools, they are very important to the success of my design. The neutrals set the stage for the other colors.

Using a 7 cutter head, I am cutting extra long strips for the rug I am hooking with my tufting tool that I posted about a couple of days ago.

Have a creative day ~ Karen


8 thoughts on “Earthy colors in the dye pot

  1. Hi Karen, each time I read your blog I chuckle a little by remembering how you told us in Phoenix (January 2012) that you don’t like to present in front of a large group. But here you are blogging now, to who knows how large an audience?! And you do it so naturally! I am really enjoying getting to know you more through your blog! Thanks for sharing your incredible talents with us. Kathy


    • such a wonderful class we had in phoenix, so happy that you were a part of it! i often surprise myself when i conquer my fears and challenge my old way of seeing myself. thanks for your encouragement!


  2. I’ve used your dyes quite a bit in my rugs. I love the earthy colors. They don’t seem to have much going on until you get them in a rug…then perfect! I’ve enjoyed both of your dye books and dye with them a lot! I also have your book on marbled wool and I have fun with that as well! I keep trying to get your blog on my sidebar, but blogger won’t let me…it’s very frustrating. I have to go into my dashboard to find your posts! Glad you’re blogging. I’m a big fan!!


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