Winter is a place to hibernate

My chair waits patiently for me to awake from my winter nap. But I am not merely sleeping. Beneath the surface I am growing, designing, dreaming colorful dreams, sending strong roots that will burst into a wild idea or a sublime impression.

Sometimes winter is never long enough.

I will relish every moment of calm as winter settles in all around me.

~ Karen

10 thoughts on “Winter is a place to hibernate

  1. So loving your blog! Find your style, words and pictures of personal matters soothing and inspiring. Thanks so much for these gifts.


  2. This post makes me smile. Your photos of winter in the garden remind me sooo much of little peeks outside around my home. Right outside my door are weather worn pots and birdhouses with heart shaped rocks laying about. As much as I love the quiet winter beauty, I’m going to go out in a bit and cut some daffodils to bring in to add a burst of yellow to my kitchen windowsill. Also…. love your pretty pussy willows in the green pot. Such a sweet color combination…………


    • dulcy, the little details get my attention this time of year. yes, each new thing in bloom takes center stage for me, too. isn’t it funny how many of the early things are yellow like the warm sunshine we crave. thanks for your comment.


  3. OH, allright, I’ll try to stay calm while it’s sleeting and snowing right now in my neck of the woods but will still anxiously await the 60 degree day the weatherman promised for Thursday…


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