Hooked pillows make for a cozy spot

One of my favorite things to make is a hooked pillow with a prodded fringe. Here is a collection of a few of the pillows that I have made for my Primitive Spirit catalog collection.

I am making use of an antique hope chest, using it as a seat near our gas “wood” stove. This winter it is an inviting spot to sit and get warmed up.

From left to right is Gazing Ball, Cabbage Rose, and Majolica Pillow. Lately everything I hook seems to get some aqua colors in it. Even in the center pillow, the very washed out background has a touch of faded out aqua.

The throw on right is something I handspun and wove using my rectangular triloom frame.

The yarn I created was a blend of wool, and silks. Some of the silk was recycled sari silk threads. I used a drum carder to blend colors and fibers, leaving separate colors to make a stack of color. The stack was attenuated into a strand that was then rolled into a large ball.

I spun what is called a chubby single. I will have to post a photo of my rectangular loom at a later date.

I love to blend bits of color and I seem to bring this preference into every craft I play with. To me using only one wool for a background is uninteresting. Many wools bring more possibilities, more adventure to the composition.

I want to bring color into unexpected places, like the veins of a leaf or a stem. Color is where the magic happens.

Primitive Spirit design are available through my ETSY SHOP.

Have a creative day ~ Karen


12 thoughts on “Hooked pillows make for a cozy spot

  1. Distant views of your work followed by great close ups are such a feast as they allow me to see just what it is that makes your art so unique! Such soft aged colors….


  2. Karen, ” LOVE” your pillows and your great sence of colour. Your comment of blending bits of colour is wonderful. I generally use only one colour of fabric when I’m hooking and put in veins of another. I will try your method and see how I like it.
    Looking forward to Friday’s class.


  3. Karen – what a stunningly gorgeous post. I have begun to incorporate the mixing and melding of colors that you teach into my own work. I’m not nearly as good at it as you are, but I do like the results I’m getting. Thank you for your teacher’s heart and the inspiration you provide!


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