Vintage tool put to work for rug hooking

I am punch hooking my latest rug with extra long strips of wool, so I have been trying to find something to organize my colors on. I remembered that I had this vintage clothes dryer which was the perfect solution as I can drape the strips over the top. And it looks cool.

The shorter strips are organized over one of the saw horses that the hooking frame is on.

Strips from other punch hooked projects are not as well organized in my shallow boxes.

But at least I can see all my colors. I just have too many boxes going on right now!

By my cutter I have many pieces of wool waiting their turn to be cut into strips. And my Ott floor lamp is graciously holding my stash on it head. Actually, it does look better with a layer of wool over it!

Happily layered in wool ~ Karen


9 thoughts on “Vintage tool put to work for rug hooking

  1. Oh Karen,
    You made me smile this morning when I read this! I would be happy to be wrapped in layers of your gorgeous wool! I love that no available thing for hanging wool is not put to use in your studio! ( Ott lamp) The clothes drying rack is a fantastic idea and it’s a great looking one!!
    I love the colors you are using in that punched rug!! Can’t wait to see the rug in it’s entirety!
    I could look at pics of your studio all day…. heaven!!!
    Cathy G


  2. Looks like you’ve made a lot of progress on your rug! I use my (many) Ott lights as hangers as well, when I don’t need to see. They are not attractive but they sure are wonderful.


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