Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 1

 I love hit or miss geometric rugs. Make one and it becomes an instant favorite. So I thought we could hook a little project together. And I chose something small and uncluttered and useful: a chair pad with a hit or miss spiral design. I have several vintage chair pads in my collection and I use them every day. I have done a lot of hit or miss, but have never done a spiral. I can’t wait to see how it will come out! Note that this piece can be used as a wall hanging or to adorn a table.

Aside from knowing how to hook and having all the usual equipment, you will need backing fabric that is at least 20″ square, a fabric marker, and leftover wool strips. I am using primitive linen, and drawing my lines with a black marvy fabric marker.

My pad is going to be 14″ or so in diameter. I based this on some vintage chair pads that I have. I just used one as my template for the circle. Adjust the size to suit your needs. You can free hand a circle or use a large plate. Then make a mark near the center. Start your spiral from this point. Make your lines about 2″ apart from each other, drawing them freeform.

Choose colors from your leftovers that are light, medium, and dark neutral colors like black, charcoal, browns, grays, tans, mushroom, rust, khaki, olive, camel, beige, etc. Let your lightest light be a tan or light camel for a vintage look. You will your 90% neutrals for this design. The rest will be muted colors from your scrap strips. Here are some of my bags of leftovers. I have already organized them according to value and color. This way I can readily use them for any rug hooking project I am working on.

Here is my Wolf River Farm floor frame. I like it because the legs slide under a comfy chair or couch as I am hooking. I also like that the gripper teeth are mitered all the way into the corners for a smooth finish.So I am centering my design on the frame to start hooking in the middle of the piece.
 Most of my leftover strips are in an 8 cut (1/4″ wide), but I am including other widths as well. Make a pile of your darkest darks: navy, black, maroon, dark browns, etc. I am using mostly solids but adding a few textures in the mix.  These will be the darkest colors in your design and you will use them to hook the spiral line.Some of the colors in this photo are looking a bit lighter than what they actually are. But do note that some of the dark colors have a bit of color in them. Start from the center and hook using these dark colors, changing colors at the end of each strip. The look should be a continuous line of undulating color. The color change effect should be subtle. This will be much more interesting than using one single color of wool.

Since we are mixing cuts keep in mind that you should hook all your loops to the dominant height. So hooking mostly 1/4″ strips, everything should be hooked 1/4″ tall. Hook into whatever hole is on your marker line, twisting your loops as needed so that the line of loops follow along the curve.

In my next post we will work on creating lines of hit or miss in the spiral using other neutral colors. Your homework is to complete your spiral line.
Until tomorrow ~ Karen

34 thoughts on “Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 1

  1. This looks so cool!. We are in the process of retiring from the military, so I can’t jump in right now. (We pack out next week) Once we have moved and found a place to live, I want to try this. So I’ll be working with you a little later. Can’t wait to see how it comes out.


  2. Karen,
    I was curious to know if you were to start fresh as far as buying a hooking frame, would you go with the Wolf River model? It looks very comfortable. I’m really enjoying your blog. Looking to get back into hooking, you are inspiring me greatly. Thanks!


    • patty, i do like my wolf river frame and would not trade it. however i have not done a search recently for floor frames and if i were to start fresh, i would do that first. the wolf river frame is wonderful because i can adjust it’s height and can pull it up under the couch or many overstuffed chairs to relax and hook. i also like that the brush strips are mitred all the way into the corners! so they don’t tend to catch on my arm as much. thanks for your comment, happy creating!


  3. Hi Karen! I hope to do this project but may have to start on it a bit later! I love your blog and put a link to it on my sidebar! I’m working on a big rug now with a hit and miss background and applying what I’ve learned from you in our Tipp City classes regarding values and combining various wools! Thanks a bunch! Alice


  4. Karen~ Color is always my stumbling block so when you say “neutrals” do you mean that we do not pick anything that is a pure color Not sure if I am using the correct term but I see orange in your bags… is that a neutral ? you can see I am a bit challenged here. :} Dark medium & light I get, (I think.) but should I shy away from anything that is a specific color? I do have my circle drawn & I am in the process of hooking the spiral. Thank you! I know I am going to learn a lot from this project.. joy


    • yes, colors are all relative, meaning color effects color. the orange in my bag is rust. pick neutralized colors. so not pure bright orange, but neutralized versions such as pumpkin, rust, copper, dusty and dirty oranges.


  5. I just found your blog, Karen. This project looks like fun and a good way to use up some of my leftover strips. I’ll try to keep up!


  6. Hi Karen, I just finished a wallhanging. so thiswill be a easy to do project. I have lots of leftovers. I did a rug years ago and used left overs. 6 stars. I will put it on my blog. I worked without a hoop, because the hoop hurts my wrist. It works very well for me.
    so I will start on this project as soon as I have framed my wallhanging. thanks for sharing.


  7. hi my name is janet ,i love your work,i have done 3 diff ones,but i have a hard time finding the wright fabric to punch on.janet ,thank you. i live in wyoming


    • yes you can. you can incorporate many different materials into your hooking. keep in mind that if you are using this as a chair pad, roving may get fuzzy or may pill from wear. but if it is to be a wall hanging or table piece, that won’t matter. have fun!


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  9. I just am finishing my hit and miss chairpad. You inspired me! I would love to see ho you finished them. Number 6 tutorial is being secretive, Cannot find it on this Pintrist site. Any ideas? I am part of the Bellingham hookers, love your work! Carol


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