My home decor book just arrived

I thought that you could have the virtual thrill of getting a book in the mail by watching me open the package that the postman just delivered! I can find great deals on used books sometimes, and this time the shipping was more than the cost of the book.

Can you tell who the author is yet? I will give you a hint: this is a home decorating book by someone who loves the color white.

You guessed it – Rachel Ashwell and the book is The Shabby Chic Home. I took a chance on it even though the book did not get very good online ratings. I figured that for the price of a magazine, I could have a hardcover used book full of high quality photographs. Well, I made a wise decision to not listen to the critics.

I love this book already. Rachel is telling about how she found a dilapidated house that looked like a haunted house, dark and brooding, and bought it and transformed it into a home that is so inspiring and cheerful. I have just begun reading it and am soaking up the charm.

Rachel and I have been spending some quality time together, she knows me well this being my third book of hers. I just cannot get enough of her subtlety. Is this book part of your collection?

Well, the tea is ready now ~ Karen


4 thoughts on “My home decor book just arrived

  1. I’m almost embarrassed to say I’ve never heard of her! Which book of hers is your favorite? Maybe it’s time I became acquainted.


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