A funny thing happened on the way to the ironing board

One of the last steps in hooking a rug is steam pressing. This blocking process involves ironing. And the main reason I have an iron is for craft purposes. I am not fond of ironing. I am not like my German grandma who found time to iron sheets and socks and unmentionables. No no. The pendulum always swings, and the wrinkles in my clothes are my fashion statement. So when it was time to steam my latest rug which is rather a large one, I found myself wishing for one of those professional steam-press machines. Then it occurred to me that I did not throw away my old craft iron— I have 2 irons. Even though it was rainy outside, suddenly it got sunnier in my world. I would give it a try: I think that I am skilled enough to push around 2 irons at the same time.

Don’t I look happy? I mean as happy as a woman ironing can look?

My process involved setting up my ironing board in front of my craft table to the approximate height of the table. I lightly sprayed the back of the rug with water. Then as each ironing board sized section was pressed, I moved it toward the back and onto the table. I had to turn the rug around to iron the other end of the rug so that the weight of the rug wouldn’t pull it onto the floor.

My rug finishing has been transformed. Here is the finished rug drying on the table, resting along with the dog.

Maybe you might like to try my idea on your next rug even if it isn’t that big. All the happy attitude could result in a creative mood!

Happy thoughts to you ~ Karen


8 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the ironing board

  1. When you mentioned the rain I thought for a moment that you were letting a gentle mist sprinkle on your rug to then create steam with the iron!


  2. Karen I have to say reading about you pressing your rug made me smile for the first time about ironing. I think our grandmothers were related. Mine pressed everything.
    Woolly hugs Pam Fogle St Louis


  3. I must be weird, because I actually like to iron. I like the fragrance of the clean clothes and I can space out with my thoughts while I iron. I find it kind of peaceful and meditative–but I do not iron everything–usually only the cotton blouses and shirts I wear–and linen, although there is no way to get the wrinkles out. That’s okay, because rumpled linen looks fine!


  4. Just wanted to say that I’m loving your blog! The helpful hints, the tutorials, and WOW! what a great studio you have! I found you over on Brenda’s blog at kindshipincolorandwool.typepad.com . Thanks so much for sharing, Diana


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