I have a huge stack of wool on my table

Welcome to the wool room where you can see my latest marbleized wools!

I have just spent days of serious dye kitchen time creating some marbleized wool for my etsy site. Etsy is my place to sell one of a kind wools, punchneedle embroidery patterns, finished goods, and a few things from my catalog.

There are now 26 new wools in a wide selection of colors. I love the piles of wool as the colors are so inspiring to me.

I can see that I was definitely inspired by the colors of spring and Easter time as there are colors like daffodils, new green shoots, blue skies and flowers.

Happy spring! ~ Karen


17 thoughts on “I have a huge stack of wool on my table

  1. There’s darn few times I feel real ENVY! That Green-Monster- Kind-of-ENVY……………….but I sure do feel it when I lust over your wool. It’s just plain ole pain in my gut ENVY!
    The good thing…….it makes me really want to stretch myself and hook something totally out of my realm of what’s natural to me.
    Karen……………….you make me stretch and dream of rugs to come………………..
    Thank you.


  2. Come on spring! What lovely colours Karen. I especially like the new shoot green as I am anxiously awaiting the snow to melt and any new growth to start. Do you have a shortcut from here to your Etsy site? If not, could you provide me with the address? Happy hooking!


  3. Gorgeous pale marbled colors… I have just started experimenting with them and I do want to get those pale colors. Do you use them a lot in your work? I still haven’t hooked a sample of them to see how they look, but they are so much fun to do!!!


  4. I have a question – is wool, marbled such as these, sufficently color saturated not to fade away to “blah nothingness” ? Thanks


    • good question! i am assuming that you mean light soft colors will fade, not that marbleized colors will fade. because the process of marbleizing is fixed with citric acid just as regular dye processes.

      colors do fade faster when displayed in bright light or direct sunlight. they fade faster when using inferior dyestuffs or when the dye has not been sufficiently set at a high temperature with citric acid. they fade faster from handling and use.

      all this being said, i would not choose to hook in strongly saturated colors because soft colors will fade. i choose to make what looks beautiful today. i use my rugs and enjoy them. i think that wool does last longer than cotton. so a rug will look better over time, say than a quilt will.


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