Hook a spiral chair pad with me – part 4

Here is some hit or miss inspiration for you as you work on the chair pad. The vintage rug above is at least 50% neutral colors. Notice that the artist does not make an attempt at making the color homogenized, but is not afraid to vary colors across the canvas. This is especially true in the case of the black wool.

The hit or miss background in the piece above has mostly medium and light values in it. This helps the darker motif at the bottom show up without the background looking like it is attached or growing out of it.

In the two examples above there are hit or miss sections. Each section stands as a distinct whole as compared to the other. That is because the values are selective. The darker sections of hit or miss have medium to dark values, whereas the lighter sections of hit or miss are hooked with medium to light values.

The vintage rug above uses only a few wools that are repeated randomly. Notice how many wools are neutral in color.

Keep hooking ~ Karen


15 thoughts on “Hook a spiral chair pad with me – part 4

  1. Thank you Karen. I can see from your examples how effective the use of neutrals is in making the more vibrant colors stand out.


  2. I’ve so enjoyed reading these blog posts! It makes me look closely and pay attention to the details that give these rugs so much beauty and personality. I do plan on making the spiral chair pad as soon as I can. I wanted you to know that I received my gazing ball pattern and am so excited to get started on it. I LOVE gazing balls, and have a few sitting about in my garden. Also, such a sweet little paisley tag and loved the wrapping the pattern came in. I added it to my most recent post. Thanks Karen!


  3. I like the direction and opportunity that you provided in “guiding” our eye to look at a piece of work and “disect” it into value. Great visuals are so helpful. I appreciated the “hands on” experience with the hit and miss spiral project.
    You’re right – neutrals are the unsung heroes. Now, when we are working on other pieces, we can do it with a little more “intention”.


  4. Hi Karen,
    I finished my spiral mat, but now see there are a few spots where the medium values are blending into each other, so I will make a few changes. I think this lesson or class you are teaching is wonderful and has helped me a lot. Thanks again.


  5. The photos along with your explanation have really helped me to understand the concept! In sitting here looking at my wall of wool I see lots of darks with few medium to light neutrals! I’m going to have to do something about that! I have your dye and marbleizing books; it just might be a good time to experiment. Thank you for this post, I’m off to hook a little bit on my chair pad.


  6. Hi. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your blog! It is outstanding. I love the spiral chair pad and can’t wait to do one. You have a great way of explaining things that I can understand. I love all of the blog!! Thanks so Much for sharing your thoughts, directions, and ideas. You are so inspiring!


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