Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 6

The finishing part is a fun part for me because I enjoy all parts of the project, including the handwork.

In this final part of the tutorial I am showing you how I prepare the finished piece for doing a crochet edge. First I steam press it and let it cool and dry. Then I cut away the backing, leaving about 1″ all around.

Then I fold the backing in half toward the front, finger pressing several inches at a time. Fold this in half again, finger pressing and pinning it to hold it in place.

Do this completely around the piece until all the edges are pinned. It is important to do this right away and not move the piece around too much, otherwise the backing will begin to fray.

I cut extra long strips of wool for crocheting. More photo details of this process are found on my flickr page.

Here is the finished crochet edge.

The hooking looks great on the back of my chair.

But I am really wanting it for a wall piece here in my studio. In case you were wondering, I attached it to the wall with a couple map pins.

Where will you put your hit or miss piece?

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and will consider coming back here whenever you work on a hit or miss section of a hooked rug. Thanks for joining me!

Have a creative day ~ Karen


22 thoughts on “Hook a spiral chair pad with me – Part 6

  1. Karen, your rug turned out fantastic!!! I was hooking with you a little bit. I started mine a week ago saturday,but had to put it aside to get things made for selling. Hit or Miss is my favorite style of hooking and I’ve sold countless rugs with a Hit or Miss design. But never a SIPRAL!!!! I’ve pulled many loops already since I started it. Not because of color,but trying to keep the angle of the spiral !! Many years ago we talked on the phone and you sent me about a 3″ piece of linen with a crocheted edge. I still have it. I did do a crocheted edge on a large rug that back then I sold to one of my wholesale buyers. You did a beautiful job on this tutorial !!! AND the pussywillow wreath that I just love and would love to make, but alas, NO pussywillows!!!!
    At some point I’ll post my spiral rug on my blog.
    Thank You!!!


  2. Hi Karen,

    Your mat looks lovely. Thank you for the great tutorial. I enjoy visiting your site everyday and seeing your beautiful craft room. You are such an inspiration.

    Thanks again,


  3. Well done!
    For this first learning lesson I’ve enjoyed the process very much. Your photo’s along with the explaination are very detail orientated which helps me understand what you see and how you approach your pieces.
    I also appreciate that you took us through finishing the project! It’s nice to see that you are using it in a completely differnt way! Opens our eyes to endless possibilities.

    I have started one of the 4 pads and pulled all my scraps into light, medium and darks which was more fun than anticipated :). Can’t wait to start hooking.

    Warm, Wooly Hugs,
    Sheri from St. Louis


  4. Karen, love this hit-or-miss spiral creation and your step-by-step is great, especially the crocheted edge. So happy to see you’re blogging, you’re on my favorite blog list!


  5. I’m wondering what cut you use for the crocheting? Is that about a 6 cut? I love the spiral hit and miss, and appreciate the crocheted edge tutorial. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for your beautiful blog!


  6. Oh I so hope I can do this finish. First, I don’t crochet and second, I am right-handed. I did look at Flickr and am not terrified, so that’s a start, right? I LOVE the chair pad on the wall…striking.
    I have loved being a part of a beginning blog and am just impressed with your energy and creations. It has been fun to tag along.


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