To whom it may concern…

Here it is March and I have been blogging for a little over a month. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you, my readers.

Thank you for making my blog a success. You have given me a great gift: knowing that I am on the right path.

I am simply astounded by your interest, your visits, your comments. And that folks from here in the US and Canada, the UK, and 30 or so other countries have stopped by! My world has suddenly gotten bigger. But oddly the world is starting to feel very small, tiny enough to fit all of you in my studio over tea and a craft project.

I am here to say that I feel honored. Thank each and every one of you!

Now let’s make something ~ Karen

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~ Henry David Thoreau

19 thoughts on “To whom it may concern…

  1. The “world-wide-web” does open up avenues of possibilities like this gathering of
    like-minded people from near and far.
    And although tea and crafting in your studio would be ideal, for now – this is the next best thing!
    Thank you for sharing and imparting your knowledge with all who visit this site.


  2. ‘Au contraire’ Karen – THANK YOU for starting up this blog. Your pictures are wonderful and your words speak volumes!! I look forward to each new post…….


  3. Your blog has become one of those “go-to” places each day. It’s literally like stepping into a classroom. To those of us who have no access to, either wool, wool shops or teachers, it is a true blessing.

    I thank you for opening your studio to us. Your studio is like a little dream come true.


  4. I’ve just discovered you and visiting your blog is a highlight in my day. I love your style and the way you approach things. I love to stare at your studio images (especially your enormous stack of wool !) Keep up the good work as many of us enjoy it a lot!

    Ginette from Atlantic Canada


  5. Karen, It is us who follow your blog everyday who should be thanking YOU! You have been so generous with your knowledge of wool and rug hooking and how to make things, that there is no thank you big enough to say to you. I’ll be purchasing some wool from your Etsy shop as I have purchased things from your catalog in the past. You know that your wool and designs are loved by everyone!! Thank you so much for all that you do to help us be creative. Have a lovely day! Blessings from Barbara in Cumming, GA


  6. I’ve been so impressed with your blog – a new entry for us to read EVERY day! That’s just amazing! And it’ s not just fluff, but really useful and inspirational information!


  7. Many thanks coming to you from Indiana. I am inspired daily by your words and pictures! I did not want to loose momentum on my current big hooking project, so have not started a spiral mat yet. But I do plan to make one soon.


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