Welcome Spring!

I am quite a fan of children’s picture books, and one of my favorites is Alice and Martin Provensen’s A Book of Seasons. It is a charming little paperback that I used to read to my boys when they were small. Here are two of my favorite illustrations from the book.

To me these little paintings capture the magic of springtime as I remember as a child. There is something even more magical to me about this book.

You see, I remembered its illustrations but not the name or author of the book. Several years ago I wanted to buy a used copy for my own but was stumped as to how I could find a tiny paperback amidst the sea of children’s picture books. I did a google search, but nothing turned up.

Some months later I was in Shelburne, Vermont for the rug show. My folks came to pick me up from Connecticut afterwards and the car broke down a few hours from home. I was exhausted and borderline disgruntled even though we were given a place to stay by a local who knew my brother. After teaching and vending for 7 days, I just wanted to get home. I told myself that I should relax and see this as an adventure.

Hanging out in their living room, I noticed that they had a huge collection of children’s books. Well, in a surprisingly short time I found the book! Finding it seemed like my little gift.

The top illustration is the last one in the book and it says:

Spring is here again. Spring is the earth’s birthday.
It comes again and again and again.

Sharing the simple joy of Spring with you ~ Karen


6 thoughts on “Welcome Spring!

  1. Happy Spring!! I’m so excited to join you on your blog. So inspiring! I met you at Star a couple years ago. Loved your presentation you did. Have a fun creative Spring!! Diane


  2. Karen~ What a sweet children’s book this is! Hubby & I just sold our little used bookstore and I have to admit I have a small collection of out of print children’s books myself…
    Thank you so much for your blog! I appreciate your time and willingness to share.


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