I made a wool lasagne today

Don’t you agree? Doesn’t this look like a huge wool lasagna?

I am always inspired by a big pile of colorful wool, so I thought you might be too. This represents a days’ worth of marbleizing. Now I need to photograph every color, adjust the colors for each photo, upload listings to etsy, create a description for every color, then rip and organize each color so that I can find the right wool for an order, and lastly, find someplace to put it all!

I think I will give myself a few days to do that.

But for a moment just let me bask in the afterglow ~ Karen

12 thoughts on “I made a wool lasagne today

  1. I LOVE your wool lasagna Karen!!! it looks delish!! wouldn’t mind cutting myself a big slice of that ~ and just think…ZERO calories! wow, that’s alot of wool :))))
    I like the background of your blog too….very pretty!!!
    Have a wonderfully creative day my friend, & Blessed be!


  2. Your lasagna looks very appetizing. A lot of cooking time in the kitchen for one day.
    It looks like you are dying a yard at a time and all beautifull yummy colours.
    Enjoy a great inspiring day! I will.


  3. It looks luscious! Especially since I was looking in my wool cupboard this morning, and find it quite bare. I LOVE the sight of uncut wool and find it as inspiring and beautiful as the finished hooked rugs. Also…. enjoyed your post on the springtime children’s book. I taught elementary school for many years and still pick up sweet little books from time to time. Have a lovely day!


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