My socks are ready for springtime strolls

I just finished the socks that I showed you several weeks ago. I have enjoyed knitting with this wool and cotton colorway from Online.

My favorite part is knitting the heel. That is where the sock starts to take shape.

This is a plain and simple sock pattern. A ribbed design variation from the Nancy Bush Knitting Vintage Socks book, perfect for keeping my hands busy while visiting friends. Now that these are done I have just one other pair on the needles. So, now I will start another pair. I like to have at least two sock projects going so that I can pick which one I am in the mood to do. I think that I have a gray colorway that I will dip into next.

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


4 thoughts on “My socks are ready for springtime strolls

  1. Hi Karen…..Love the socks. I will have to search for a crochet pattern for them. Thanks for your daily spots of sunshine!
    Love ya, Aunt Carol <


  2. I guess I don’t have a mind of my own! I saw this post earlier, got the urge to knit more socks, called a friend, and we headed out to my new favorite yarn store…. which is a bit of a drive…. and I have new lovely sock yarn. It is the “busy hand thing” that I love to have a sock project for. Also…. I took a class from you some years back in KC. You had a knitted little top that was the sort of thing that just seemed to dropped over your head. Kind of like a short poncho but with arm holes (I think). It may have been green and a loose sort of knit. I’ve been looking for a similar pattern ever since. I find something close, but just not right. If you have any idea of what I’m talking about….. did you knit it yourself, and if so, do you remember where the pattern came from? I’ve thought I could invent it myself, but haven’t tried and would prefer a pattern. I just LOVED that top, and it would be so great over tanks and sleeveless shirts for summer. If this is too much of a stretch back to ask, no problem. Thanks Karen….


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