My studio is full of colorful wool today

Today I am going through all of the wool that I marbleized this week, judging its merits and choosing colors to list on etsy. I thought you might like to see some of that process.

For this batch, my goal was to create some new warm reds, yellows, and blues to fill out my selection. Here is a shot of one of the reds. They all came out to be exciting, inspiring color mixes.

A  tedious part of this work is the documentation. This is important in case I want to reproduce the colorways. On a 5 x 7 card, I  tape small swatches of each wool in the order that I stack the marbleized wool sandwich. I am marbleizing many colors together, so it can become complicated unless I keep this record.

But the hardest part is adding descriptions for each color. It would be nice if I could just say “gorgeous color, you will love it, trust me” on each etsy listing. But instead I grapple with the English language to find the right descriptors for each hue. I have even pulled out my Vintage and Dusty dye swatch sets so that I can draw comparisons from them.

I feel very fortunate to have a business where I am surrounded by wool. My life may not be glamorous, but it sure is…

C  O  L   F  U   !

Here’s to our shared passion ~ Karen


13 thoughts on “My studio is full of colorful wool today

  1. They are all beautiful – would love a piece of the warm red one – looks like a combination of watermelon and tangerine. I have a question – when you are marbelizing (I have your book) and want to try some of this.. can i stack anything i want – even previously overdyed fabrics. also can I stack more than 3 layers.. thanks Joni PS i am so pea green with envy of your studio – such an inviting space!


    • joni, i have not worked with hand dyed wool because so much work went into creating it already. but there is no reason why it would not work to use hand dyed in the marbleizing process. yes, you can use few or many wools for your wool sandwich. have fun experimenting!


  2. I’m so glad to see how you keep track of the wools you marbleized…. I was attaching tags to the finished wool, but your way makes a lot more sense. I see that you use many, many wools in some rolls – you must have to let them soak/cook or awhile. I finally hooked with some of the wools I marbleized and they are lovely! Now I know why your hooked pieces look like they do!


  3. I am grappling with the English language right now to come up with some words to express my admiration of your work….. uh…. Brilliant! (in a lovely faded sort of way)


  4. I was looking at your listing for wool on etsy, what size are the pieces? 1/4 yard? 1/2 yard? Love seeing a peek into your studio.


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