My Noro sock yarn is exciting to knit with

I started a new pair of socks. I was going to use something from my stash, however I was shopping in our local craft store and happened to meander through the yarn section. You have undoubtedly heard of the old adage to never go food shopping when you are hungry. Well the same rule applies for knitters going into yarn shops. We all know that a fiberista’s appetite can never be quelled.

The next part of our story involves me purchasing Noro Taiyo sock yarn. To be fair, I could not help it because it had aqua in it. And a gorgeous shade of brown. And grey. Almost like they asked me what to put in it. Yes, I was targeted.

Besides, they also must have heard me complain about superwash sock yarn. I really don’t care for it and I prefer regular wool or a mixture of wool with silk, nylon and/or cotton. Poof! There it was. Noro Taiyo Sock Yarn. They did not ask me to price it, however. But this pain went away soon after I aptly chalked it up to something new to blog about.

You are to be thanked, readers. Because I love this yarn!

Now one thing that I did not like about the yarn was when I re-skeined it into 2 balls it tended to tangle. So a 5 minute process turned into an unpleasant 30 minute one. The yarn is a single, which means it has some energy in it and twists back onto itself. I do love singles. Noro is all about singles yarn.

So all is forgiven. If I was one of those knit-one-sock at a time people, I would not have had this problem. But I am not. I must knit the pair at once. I believe that life is too short to have to knit the same sock twice. Am I alone here?

If you are one of those self-sacrificing folk who can tolerate repeating the second sock, know that I still do love you. I may not understand you, but then, to be frank, I don’t understand why you are so enamored with superwash either.

More on this sock later ~ Karen


18 thoughts on “My Noro sock yarn is exciting to knit with

  1. I’d never have a second sock if I knit them one at a time. Using two double needles changed the whole experience for me also.


  2. I love Noro wool too. There are so many sock patterns available …
    Would you share your favourite sock pattern?

    I have found that knitting the second sock is a drag…must try this


    • i have my default favorite sock pattern which is very simply a 2 x 2 ribbed sock. i love the way the ribbing hugs my ankle and holds up the sock from being too slouchy. i also love nancy bush’s vintage sock patterns.


  3. Good Morning,
    I am new knitter and mentioned this technique to my knitting teacher and other knitters that you knit the pair at one time. They were amazed and never saw this, nor have they ever tried it! Being a new knitter, I could see myself only having one sock! I know myself and I would probably be bored or go onto something else and not get back to the second sock, Plus I have not gotten enough habits to form a bad habit, lol!
    I hope it is your intention to show us how to knit two at the same time….PLEASE :)!



    • i will have to think about that tutorial! i am pretty certain that there are tutorials out there already that would do a better job than i could. i will look into that. thanks for posting your comment.


  4. Hi Karen,
    Love the 2 socks at a time concept. I’m with Sheri—- Please show us PLEASE!!!!!!
    Love your colour choice, looking forward to seeing the finished socks.
    Have a great day.


  5. Yikes – I am one of those one-sock-at-a-time sock knitters. I usually knit them for my partner and I often joke with him that my next partner will only have one foot! I usually knit the first sock, start a new pair, then go back and knit the second sock -takes longer but is usually more interesting. But now I must learn how to knit both socks at once!
    Someone also once told me that you always knit the second sock first….


  6. This is totally like discussing brain surgery to this hooker! I can see how you would lost over that gorgeous yarn. Makes your heart go pitty-pat, doesn’t it. I have never even knit my first stitch – but “someday”.
    It’s on my bucket list. First I have to feel what a pair of handknit sox feels like. I have yet to try that either.
    bucket list that one too……………………:-)


  7. Two at a time is the only way to go!
    I’m moving my studio closet to a new home and a found two orphans that will never be completed. I cant even find the pattern.


  8. I hook one sock at a time as I’ve not been taught to hook two so I’ll have to inquire about a class or tutorial for that. Karen, how did you wind your sock yarn into a ball that it got so tangled? What I do as I can’t stand untangling yarn (some of my fellow kniiters just love it), I put the yarn over the back of a chair, two chairs it the hank is long, and wind it into a ball. I enjoy doing this. I know what you are talking about yarn, the colors just call to you. I am a spinner and the roving does the same thing. One can never have enough wool, yarn, roving, etc. Guess I’m a fiber drunk!!!


    • hi jackie, thanks for commenting. if i did not have a skein winder (like the times that i am away from home), your suggestions is wonderful for hand winding the ball.

      however my yarn was already in a center pull ball. i wanted to have 2 center pull balls that were about the same amount of yarn. and as it came out of the center, it came out in knotted clumps as i used my ball winder. my yarn was a single, so it tended to spin back on itself. i am not sure if it would have been any less tangly had i pulled from the outside of the ball, but it was too late by then.


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