Vintage sewing boxes: inspiration in pictures

Here is a photo essay of old sewing
boxes from my collection.


9 thoughts on “Vintage sewing boxes: inspiration in pictures

  1. I have my mothers old wicker sewing box – full of “surprises”. I also have my grandmothers wooden sewing “stand”. The lid lifts up and holds spools of thread on narrow dowel and it has 2 drawers. It also makes a great side table to use. It is “full” of little surprises as well. I particularly love the old bottons from both. 🙂


  2. Hi Karen,
    I was wondering if you leave all of the treasures in the sewing boxes when you find them? Or maybe they come empty and you have to fill them? Just curious. I tend to leave everything alone when I find something like these and can’t bring myself to use any of the items or display them any other way.


    • sometimes i do leave the contents, as i love rummage through them like an archeological find! but sometimes i do take the contents out or i may add my stuff to them. it is all fun! thanks for your comment.


  3. I just discovered your blog… I hope you will keep it up. I am discovering how many talented rug hookers there are here in the Northwest, and I’m thrilled to learn about you and others, since I am new to this craft.


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