I dream in neutrals

Have you ever heard someone pick gray as their favorite color? Maybe it is because my hair has gone completely in that direction that I have come to appreciate what a good neutral can do for you. Now, gray may not be the first thing I blurt our when someone asks me what my favorite color is, but I have come to really love the color gray. And taupe. And brown. To name just a few.

Today’s hint is to notice neutrals. Because neutrals make everything hold together. Neutrals get a bad rap because they can look rather blah next to their other companions on the color wheel like red or purple or green, the Ryan Goslings and Paris Hiltons of the color world. Eye candy for sure, but who would want a world devoid of the Woody Allens and Susan Boyles? They are the subdued colors in the paintbox, and we value them for their complexity and their modesty— khaki, putty, copper, sand, cinnamon and silver.

Have you noticed that the quality of light can turn colors to neutrals. What colors do you see in a darkened room? When the sun is in your eyes? In the fog? In the distance? In the shadows?

I challenge you to really look at colors not with your head, but with your eyes.

What do you see? ~ Karen


14 thoughts on “I dream in neutrals

  1. Eye spy “green” in every possible shade this morning. It’s amazing what the new Spring green colors do to the new flowers……purple pansies against limey green sedum is intense! From this perspective, I guess the old dirt or new mulch is my neutral for right now!


  2. Gasp! This post makes me so happy! Lighter values of neutrals are a little harder to find in the form of repurposing clothing but the rest is there! My eyes are open for studying colors everywhere!


  3. Karen, I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog and your insights! You could never be called neutral! You’ve inspired so many of us. I love neutrals and am trying to use them more. Thank you for opening my eyes…..Lori


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