An easy way to hang a rug

Here are some carpet tack strips for wood floors. You can get these at carpet stores and some home improvement stores. The thing is, they are kind of ugly. Which isn’t a problem if you always have a rug hanging from them. But what if you need to take your rug down? Or what if you just don’t like the thought of that ugly thing being on your wall?

My solution is to paint the strips with spray paint. Pick a color that blends into your wall color. White will be nice with my walls. You will need to do several coats of paint as the red is hard to cover. Do this outside, and bring it inside to dry if it the weather is cold or damp.

While your piece is drying, think about how high you want to hang your rug. If it hangs above a piece of furniture, let it hang only a modest distance above it so that it relates to it like a compostion. None of this hovering above things like it is up in the clouds!

You can custom cut your strip to the length of your rug so that you don’t see it at all.¬†Hammer the nails heads that are sticking out of the strip into the wall and you have a great rug hanger. The only trick left is to make sure that the slant of the sharp gripper nails point up toward the ceiling.

Hang the top of your rug along the length of the strip, pressing it in place. Now the strip is hidden from view. But you know how great it looks underneath it all.

So go and decorate your walls! ~ Karen


19 thoughts on “An easy way to hang a rug

  1. Good Morning-I never thought of painting the strips. When I was setting up my hooking room I wanted some strips on the wall so that i could hang a rug in progress. That way I can step back and get a good look at the rug. I covered the strips with some fabric that when with the room.


  2. Happy April Fools Day! This isn’t a joke is it? Just kidden…
    This is an awesome idea for hanging rugs and I like Jane’s comment about using them in her studio to use as color guide for new rugs. Very cool, thanks ladies!
    Now be cautious of April Fools jokes….


  3. For small rugs I use “map” pins. This was suggested by Deanne Fitzpatrick and it works great and doesn’t leave a large hole in the wall. Lois


  4. I have used this before until I had to take it down and my husband saw all of the nail holes in the wall! There is something about men and nail holes…like they can’t be repaired? Anyway, if I try it again (when my husband isn’t around) I won’t pound all of the nails into the wall…maybe just the two end ones and a middle one. Thanks for the idea of painting them, Karen, Never thought of that and it would be more invisible if I needed to take the rug down again.


  5. I use carpet tack strips all the time, and paint them out with whatever paint is for the room. I do not use the nails that come with them as they aren’t strong enough but I drill a couple of holes and put in two screws where the nail was, sometimes using a plastic wall plug if the screws aren’t near a stud. Two to three screws is all you need depending on the size of the rug. I take my pieces off and put them back on the carpet strips all the time with no problems.


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