A spring design is on my hooking frame

The tentative name of my new design is called Spring is Here. Here is a pile of wool that I cut in preparation for hooking it.

Several days ago I posted about being inspired by a lovely pink and brown antique baby quilt. Well, those colors are flowing into this design. A lot of light and neutral background, and pinks and browns, reds, light blues, and grays. I have finished a bird and am laying out a red border for it. My goal is to suggest a bird, keeping the details very sketchy and simple, but yet giving each one personality. I am being very painterly, using wool loops like brush strokes.

I had to dig into my neutrals bag of worms so that I could expand on my selection of the color brown. There are so many kinds of brown! I am enjoying delving into this bag of subtle color. It has taken over my table, gotten into my cup of tea, and is seeming to grow even though I am taking from it.

I can tell that I will be glued to my frame for a while, as I am very happily immersed in the creative process. But I had to pull myself away to touch base with you.

I hope you are happily creating today too ~ Karen


18 thoughts on “A spring design is on my hooking frame

  1. Can’t wait to see the entire design. You have made me want to organize all my worms. That might take a season or so………………..thanks for your inspiration.
    Nancy Lee


    • i know how you must feel. i debated about hiding the whole project from you. you know i have to keep some secrets from you until next the catalog is unveiled. but i do want you to experience my joy in creating, so i settled for sharing a bit of what i am hooking and not giving you the whole thing. not perfect for sure, but a compromise.


  2. You just continue to inspire me!!!! Your color palette is so wonderful. I am so glad a friend told me about your blog!! I look forward to it each morning!! Thank you!


  3. Karen!I am blogging these days about colour-brights-but I also so love the NEUTRALS / GREYS and BROWNS ! and I love your worms in a big mess!!!Hook on and happy SPRINGTIME!


  4. I just found your blog today and have read all your posts, how enjoyable!
    I love your work and feel like I have just had a class from you. So much
    information shared. Thank you so much!


  5. It’s amazing how a pile of worms can get me all excited to hook something new. Even though I’ve just finished a little rug, and am working on a little hooked doll (this is a new experiment). I love that mustardy gold/brown that’s in your first picture of this post. That’s a color I find myself grabbing when I have it. I’m hoping to get to my gazing ball as soon as my little doll is finished. So exciting!


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