Noro sock progress

I have been knitting two socks on two circular needles in a cotton blend singles yarn. At the end of this post, I have listed two online tutorials that I found for learning the details of this method. There are many variations. I would suggest that you know how to knit the basics before embarking on knitting socks this way.

I am just going to hit the highlights of what I am doing as my socks progress.

First of all, your sock stitches are divided in half. The first half of the stitches of each sock (these will turn into becoming the heel stitches later on) are knit on one circular needle, and the other half of the stitches of each sock are knit on the second needle. Work with one circular needle at a time, leaving the second circular needle with its separate stitches to rest. Keep the yarn balls draping away from you and be conscious of potential tangling between the two.

My socks are getting close to the heel, and I love how this Noro Taiyo sock yarn colorway is unfolding.

I like socks that look handmade. So I don’t try to get the self striping to match. The socks harmonize, having the same and/or similar color gradations. This yarn has wide color banding, which slowly change over an inch or so.

Now there is a vibrant turquoise band coming up I am guessing at the foot near the heel for both of the socks. I am looking forward to what that will look like. Simple pleasures for simple minds! I find that the dance of color holds such intrigue!

Here are a couple tutorials, just click on each one to check them out:

Sherin Goldin’s tutorial

Cat Bordhi’s tutorial

Next time I post about the socks I will be at the heel ~ Karen


6 thoughts on “Noro sock progress

  1. I got some of this yarn awhile ago to weave a shawl but now socks are going to be first. I do love knitting with the two at a time on two cirs. You inspired me to give it a try about a year ago.


  2. Hi Karen, On Saturday I ordered some of your newly posted marblelized wool from Etsy. Almost unbelievably, it arrived in my mail on Monday! As ever it was beautiful and sweetly packaged. It was my first purchase from Etsy ~ you’ve set the bar pretty high! While I don’t knit it’s fun to see the colors unfold on these socks.


  3. The sox are so beautiful!!!!! I doubt that my hands would ever knit, but I sure love to watch other people as they create clothing items. BEAUTIFUL.


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