It takes a mountain

My formula is to take the size of your table and multiply it times 5 and that is about how much space your wool takes up no matter what sized rug you are working on. The concept of less is more does not pertain to wool.

In this shot, I am pretending that I am a wool worm surveying my domain. I turn to my neighbor as I mumble, it looks like the feeding of the 5,000 again for dinner tonight, dear. 

Staying within the bounds of table surfaces is a real struggle. And it is painful to have to show you how out of control things can get. And this photo was taken after I neatened up, vacuumed and picked up what fell onto the floor! But when inspiration is flowing, I am frantic with my craft, oblivious to neatness and organization, plowing ahead with singularity of vision, mindful of only the event of creating.

A satisfying, exhausting process! This is where I find meaning. This is what I was meant to do.

Thanks for understanding ~ Karen

Hopefully no family members will look closely at this photo.


22 thoughts on “It takes a mountain

  1. It’s very generous of you to show us how the sausage is made Karen! I really appreciate it as I have wool over every surface while figuring out and hooking a rug. Have a good day all.


  2. my husband had a quick glance at the photo and said What’s that? A pile of worms?
    We laughed when I told him it is wool for rug hooking!

    I love your blog. Am envious that you spend so much time on your art. Wish i could get into that groove. I am a new rug hooker and am trying to become more involved with the art form. Have presently three projects on the go and want to finish them before I go crazy on something else.


  3. lol! You’re crackin’ me up! I especially like the pic form the wool worm perspective and the announcement of dinner prep! lol! Lovely color inspirations all throughout your studio!


  4. Once again, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who takes up a lot of space and makes a mess when she’s hooking. But aren’t the tables full of wool worms beautiful?


  5. Karen,
    This is wonderful! I can see the creative juices flowing and know that under those piles of worms and wools there lays a gorgeous rug! I love where you hide those Lindors also!! LOL! We all need a little something sweet in the process!! Those are the best!!!
    Happy creating!!
    Cathy G


  6. I love your comment from the wool worm. I’m comforted to know that even you make a bit of a mess while working on a piece…after seeing the photos of your wonderful new studio, I could almost let my imagination convince me you were as orderly and tidy when you worked! PS I love your studio; it’s so light and inviting.


  7. Hi Karen–I have decided that there is no neat way to hook! I am also sharing your photos with my husband who looks at my piles with a sigh and heads for the garage (which is much neater than my stash). Thank you for sharing and confirming that the creative process can be messy and rug hooking takes space. Maybe we need a list of the basic truths of rug hooking: 1. Any flat surface is fair game. 2. Once a worm–always a worm. 3. Permanent organization is a fantasy. More? Love your site.

    Pam in Colorado


  8. I have a friend who is interested in learning to dye. I use dyes in a stock solution, not dry and wondered which way you dye. She wants me to teach her but then wants to buy a dye book and I am trying to find someone else who dyes with dye stocks.


    • i do both. but when i work with dye stocks i am not using formulas. i go by my eye and keep adding color until i am happy with the color. i don’t know of a book that truly uses dye stocks as a basis for formulas.


  9. Less is more absolutely doesn’t pertain to wool! LOLOLOL I haven’t hooked for awhile now but last night sat down and finished one that had been hanging around forever. It got me back in the mood to hook again.


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