Obsessions are my way of life

Cracked painted furniture. Little bureaus. Color. Rich colors jumbled together like vintage fiestaware. Old faded colors. Pink and brown with a touch of green. Aqua with a touch of tomato-soup red. Gray! Taupe! Time-worn whites!

Crafting: always. Uninhibited craft-ability. 

Big windows that start low to the ground and reach close to the ceiling 
having a view to the garden or a walled courtyard. Herbs. Especially dark blue lavender. Recipes with rosemary in them. Real maple syrup. White sheets and bedding. Vintage bark cloth. Wrinkly linen slip covers. Hemp and linen clothing.

Old pincushions and sewing boxes. Vintage suitcases. Pathetic looking teddy bears. The smell of bergamot. Vetiver. Sandalwood. The smell of a wood fire. Antiques and Antique malls. Old houses. That old house smell. 

Big shade trees. The theme music to Nova. Jane Austen movies. See Lost In Austen. Crafting in a garden. Drinking a cup of tea in a favorite cup.

What is your list?

Chocolate was way too obvious to mention ~ Karen


23 thoughts on “Obsessions are my way of life

  1. My obsessions might include the smell of the ocean and the pile of unique shells I find…my collection of charms and buttons…wooden bobbins and spindles that are becoming harder to find…. I will be returning in 1 day to home…my craftroom…and when I do, my new obsession will be for the weekend travels back to the beach condo where the waves carve my creativity so uniquely…. Have a joyful day! Faye….carolinastitcher….


  2. My goodness it is like I am reading my own obsessions especially with the linen and hemp clothing, tea in a favorite cup, views of the garden out a very large bay window and color color color. I too have pieces of cracked paint furniture. Thanks for your post. Loved it.


  3. Ditto, except for “old house smell”! LOL
    I love bulky yarns, rumpled natural linen, watercolor botanicals, wildlife art, tea towels and teacups from Anthropologie, vintage children’s books and cookbooks, teapots and old cookie jars. Susan Branch’s house in Martha’s Vineyard–especially her vintage kitchen with that old stove! Wide plank floors, old samplers, muted colors, old floral dishes—oh, I could go on all day! I’m coveting your amazing studio, Karen! Love it!


  4. I concur with the old house! I live in one, only trouble, you open a door and instead of one thing…..twenty things have to be repaired. You know that movie the money pit? Our house, almost to a tee! BUT, I do love it so………………


  5. Sitting outside listening to the birds talk to each other…the sound of children’s laughter. Gardening, digging in the dirt and finding one more plant or one more garden ornament…Stopping at fabric,yarn and antique stores going in and touching all the textures feeling the colors as if my finger tips can sense the beauty!


  6. Morning Karen,
    Well it sounds like we’re all cut from the same cloth. Must be something about how …( Like attracts Like) and to that list I’ll add birds nests, I have quite a collection mostly gifted from loved ones and friends. Have a great day.


  7. This is a fun post for me! I love shots of anything wonderfully vintage and colorful. Yours are very similar to mine, I will add the morning light throwing shadows onto our old wood floors, clothes by Gudrun Sjoden (can only afford one new piece a season, but I save all the catalogs and peruse them all year…. they are FABULOUS!). I’m completely obsessed (in a healthy way, I hope) with our old house and the wildlife that let us live close to them. Constantly obsessed with crafting, mostly fiber…. the making of something new whether I need it or not makes me sooooo happy. I’m also a fan of lavender and my herb garden. Got to use fresh English lemon thyme on salmon last night. Yum!


  8. Cobalt blue glass. Lace-weight yarn and tiny needles… and a complicated chart to work from. Rosemary. Jasmine. Books books books. And good light to read them in. The scent of my Peace rose. The sound of Joey’s laugh.


  9. I love most all of the above but will add hanging clothes on the line and the way the kids smell when they come in from playing outside in the fresh air.


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