Primitive bunnies are charming creatures

I found a wonderful free pattern that captured my imagination. Even though it is past the bunny holiday, I had to make a primitive bunny from Appleseed Prims.

I decided to make four of them, each out of a different style fabric. Here is wool houndstooth, dark brown marbleized wool, golden cotton homespun, and a striped cotton flannel. I sprayed the back of the pattern with spray adhesive, and then sewed them together, stitching close to the paper.

I left a small opening at the bottom of the bunny to turn it right side out. I stuffed them with bamboo stuffing. A pencil with a broken lead was the perfect stuffing tool as the ragged wooden end caught the stuffing fibers as it pushed them to those far to reach places.

The first one to be done was the wool houndstooth bunny. Appleseed Prims had a suggestion to put a pack on the bunny’s back, so I got inspired to put a pack with a nest on her. I had a brainstorm to use some scraps of my rug hooking linen, unstranding bits and glueing them in a circular nest-looking bunch. The nest is a miniature, as it fits my thumb in it. For eggs I used 3 pussy willows that I glued inside the nest.

The nest is sitting on a little swatch of fabric that is held in place by another scrap strip of linen.

I finished the other three bunnies more simply with tiny bunches of herbs tied to their backs: thyme, rosemary, and sage. I love how they came out and thank Appleseed Prims for her great little free pattern! I envision the bunny with herbs to be a wonderful hostess gift… That is, if I can bear to break up the family.

Happy day to you ~ Karen


22 thoughts on “Primitive bunnies are charming creatures

  1. How sweet! I”m new to your blog and I’m finding myself inspired daily. Thanks so much for making my days a little bit brighter….


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