Fingerless gloves are hands-on

I have finished knitting the fingerless gloves that I posted about last week. As you might remember, these are a free pattern that I found online at Knitpicks.

I did make a few small changes so they would fit my hand better. I did not increase after the thumb decreases, and then instead of finishing with a picot bind off (which I found to be too stretched out looking) I bound off the top stitches to pull in the finger opening more and give it a more snug fit, and then added a crochet picot edge to both the finger and the thumb openings.

I also added a little crochet bobble to the back near the wrist. I thought about adding a vintage button, but opted for the softer touch of a yarn embellishment.

All in all, I am happy with my fun gloves, and am looking forward to wearing them with some other old fashioned and frilly clothes like these bloomers that I saw online.

Or maybe I’ll just wear them with my jeans!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

11 thoughts on “Fingerless gloves are hands-on

  1. Wow, I really like these! I am planning on making some fingerless gloves for myself and was thinking of doing Fetching again, but these have really inspired me.

    BTW, your blog was passed on to me through a family connection – my Aunt Betsy knows you through rug hooking.


  2. I really love these, Karen. I think the color is perfect and your edges are what really make them darling! I did some using a pattern from Tiny Owl Knits. She does some very interesting things. I have a link on my sidebar called Owl in the Dark. It was my first try at intarsia (and I’ve only tried twice). One glove is a nest, and the other a robin. Very sweet. Also, on Pinterst there’s a board called Chicks with Sticks that has really cute knitted and crocheted items with some free patterns last time I checked.


  3. HI! I don’t know if you will even see this since the blog post is so old, but I am trying to knit these from the pattern and cannot for my life find 38 stitches to pick up. No matter how I do it, I am only getting 28. Is there any way at all you might point me in the direction of those hidden 10 stitches before I am totally bald?


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