I marbleized some touchable new wools

My selection of marbleized wool was getting low, so I took some time to create more for my Etsy shop. Here is what I dyed today. The pile on the right is a new colorway.

Here is a closer look at the new colors. I wanted to get some deep olive greens. The one on the bottom is darkest olive-brown-inky colorations, then comes a deep warm olive, an olive-brown, and a brown color mixture that reminds me of animal fur. The top color is a mustardy-green. The wools that I marbleized to get these colors are a greenish-black, 2 dark shades of olive-green, a brown, and a gold.

Here is the aqua colorway that I have reproduced successfully. These colors are so gentle and primitive, I gravitate toward them! They contain so many of my favorites: grays, sage, sand, and taupe.

I will also be adding 6 or so new colors. The two colors above I hesitated to add to the collection because I did not think anyone would buy them. But I gave it some more thought. Yes, they are ugly, but they are valuable neutrals. Do you think I can convince anyone out there of their worth? I think that they will hook up to be very gentle and faded for the quiet places like in a background. They are very primitive and I am naming them Grungy and Underfoot.

Miles to go before I finish, so why not take my time and relish my moments to handle all of this gorgeous wool as I cut, fold, and label it. I must be lucky indeed to have such a job. I bet if you lived next door I could offer you a glass of wine and you might even volunteer to help. Am I right?

Thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


27 thoughts on “I marbleized some touchable new wools

  1. Yes, ma’am ~ I would be so happy to help you! Love your organization ~ I do something to indicate what I put together but not as clear cut as yours! You are a dynamo!


  2. Ha! I was also marblizing wool yesterday!! I was after light neutrals and got some gorgeous ones. I’m hooking a very bright rug of “funky chickens” for my daughter’s wedding shower… and honestly, the background that really makes those colors sing is made up of light neutrals… that on their own someone might mistake as ugly or dirty! And I even followed suit to enjoy my results over a glass of wine. Kindred spirits, indeed!


  3. Karen, these are gob smacking colors. I love them. WIll indeed have to order some for Etsy when I get one more hooking project finished. Simply inspiring are these colors.


  4. Why do you refer to your “aqua colorway” as primitive? Primitive has evolved to mean so many things, that I wanted to know your why. Personally, I love it.
    WINE…….I’ll bring a bottle of Virginia’s finest!!!


    • i think that all colors have a primitive version. i just make sure that everything looks faded and muted. i draw inspiration from vintage rugs and see these colors in the faded out textiles. i would like to hear more from you on this. what do you consider primitive colors? would you not use aqua? tell me more!


      • Many think of primitive colors as dark, dull and dirty. I used to look at things like that, but over time I’ve learned to look at things differently. Today I like to think of primitive colors as used, faded, loved…..like an old pair of jeans or an antique quilt that has seen better times. Maybe the word I’m looking for is mellow. And yes, I would use aqua.


  5. Yes… wine and wool would make for a perfect day! I’ll take a piece each of the grungy and underfoot! 🙂 AND, some of the orange/rust and olives…. lol! …. I mix a little of everything in my rugs and the only “ugly wool” I’ve seen was of the neon colorway… lol!


  6. If I lived next door, I would be helping every chance I could. All of your marbels look so yummy! Are the papers with the wool pieces showing in what order you stacked them? I have your Marbelizing booklet and have tried it with smaller pieces. It’s so fun to see how they come out, but I only used 2 colors with a tan in between.


  7. I don’t even need the offer of wine! I would come anyway! I don’t do so much dyeing anymore (getting harder to move the heavy dye pots across the kitchen),
    Marbling I can do though–the results are always wonderful! Thanks for sharing that method with us, Karen! Plan to hook the leaf pattern you shared, just deciding on colors


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