As you can see, my studio is in an uproar today

What a mess in my studio today, but it makes me happy since my son is working on finishing my trim!

So here are some photos of new baseboard and door trim.

Another new addition are cabinets above the washer and dryer. These are simply Home Depot wood cabinets that I painted and then added knobs. For now I have hung my embroidered bag to the wall.

Nate is surveying the spray foam insulation around my new windows. You might notice that these two windows are not the original windows that we put in. The reason for that is the other ones had too much of a trim-to-glass quotient. Meaning the middle part between the windows was almost 10″ of framing. To my eye, this blocked the garden view too much. Rob understood and promised to put new windows in if I would wait until Spring. Well, it was worth the wait as there is so much more glass now! [Insert happy dance here]

So my post today is not very glamorous. Saw horses mingle with fabrics, glue and tools with half done art projects.

If all this mess was not for my studio I would be going crazy out of my mind. But because it is, somehow I am managing to keep the big head explosion under control.

Readers, I am fully aware of how lucky I am to have my own studio space. Thank you for putting up with the mess and my lack of a more crafty post. There are seriously long to do lists that have nagging subcategories and I have not even been making my famous master list what a terrible sentence. Could it be that I am at last growing up? Or am I getting lazy in my 50’s?

Have a good day ~ Karen

15 thoughts on “As you can see, my studio is in an uproar today

  1. I loved your post about Tasha Tudor–she was such a lovely lady! I met her briefly, once many years ago. I was vending at a Quilt show and she was the featured speaker–I didn’t get to hear her talk, but as she was wandering around after she stopped by my booth for a moment.
    Your ‘new’ studio is looking good! hang in and it will soon be done.


  2. it is so worth putting up with the temporary mess and sometimes stress involved in these types of problems. You will be so happy for years and years to come that you did this. Lucky girl!!!


  3. Karen, not only are you very fortunate to have your own studio but even luckier to have a talented son that can help make it yours! It looks wonderful and I am sure will bring you many years of enjoyment. Liz


  4. This just brings back memories. How wonderful you have someone to do it for you. My hubby is a man of all talents. We had a handyman special when we were first married. These pictures were my every day life it seemed :). Looks wonderful!


  5. Hi Karen……… I really enjoyed your post on Tasha Tudor! What a great story about meeting her. I was inspired to dig out a book I have about her that I hadn’t looked at in ages. Also, watching your studio come together is interesting and fun. I have an
    outdoor studio space that I used to teach yoga in and now it’s full with sewing machine, loom, easels, hooking stuff. LOVE having it all in one place. Although, I do share it with my husband, so the walls need to be left alone for him to hang his work. I’m terribly envious of your bookcases, shelves of wool, and other lovelies that you can hang on the walls. It’s come together beautifully!


  6. What a lovely mess !! the one thing I love more than wool and hooking…is home improvements !! I am giddy for you….i know when it’s all completed, you can just sit back (even if only for a few moments out of your busy schedule) and eyeball the entire space …go around and around a few times to take it all in ,…


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