Cracked, peeling, and out of control

Painted furniture is the backdrop I feel at home with. I love peeling paint.

It fits with how I see things. Colorful, with the mysterious passage of time added to it.

My things seem to look more beautiful, more important, more significant displayed on a timeworn shelf.

My art feels at home here.

The old has inspired the new.

I feel inspired by all of the colors in vintage painted furniture. They can be a study in color.

Or they can suggest color combinations.

To me, they are art.

~ Karen


14 thoughts on “Cracked, peeling, and out of control

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring meditation. This is how I received your comments this morning as meditation. May blessings be yours throughout the day.


  2. Isn’t funny how people view things. Some people see treasures, art and beautiful antiques and others see old, need to be repainted or “Pitch that old thing”! I know from experience and I’m glad you see the beauty in Vintage Finds and appreciate where they’ve been and take them as they are. A true artist finds beauty in everything they see…
    As they often say…Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!


    • exactly! the last photo is the top of an aqua side table that i bought at a yard sale a few years ago. as i was buying it, a gentleman looked at it and remarked that i surely would be removing the paint to make it home-worthy. i told him that i thought that it was perfect the way it was. the person that was selling the table overheard the conversation, and said that she was thankful that someone was buying the table who understood its beauty, because it was made by her aunt who enjoyed the peeling paint.


  3. I have my wool in a antique glass doored disply piece from a drug store. I love old furniture for the very reason you said. I just wish I could see all rhe places my antiques have been.


  4. Good Morning! Loved this post! I am inspired now, on this Monday, to get busy and do some rearranging and display some of my old things in a new way! Thanks Karen.


  5. I really enjoyed your post, and your pictures. I a lucky to live in Boston where there seems to be a “furniture recycling” tradition. People routinely put furniture they do not want anymore on the sidewalks the night before trash pick up. These are often older pieces, kissed by time, and in need or repairs to make them functional again. My husband fixes them just enough to work again. Like you I love their weathered finish. I often pair them with very modern items, both styles seeming to bring out the best in each other.


  6. Beautiful pictures! Do you have a pattern for the “flowered chair pad” love it’s simple design.
    Would love to buy the pattern.


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