Getting ready to sew: stamping a fun label

I am creating some dressmaker labels using some new stamps

and leftover quilt making fabrics. I like to sort my fabric by color,
which I find inspiring.

I stamped  the cottons using ink that said it was good for fabric, and then heat-set it with a hot dry iron. Using spray-on fabric adhesive, I attached the stamped fabric pieces onto larger contrasting fabrics.

Sewing them together was fun. I did some free-motion embroidery on a few, but I think I had the wrong thread combination and my machine started tangling the bobbin thread. I should have taken better notes when I took my free motion embroidery class. Consequently, most of the labels are just straight stitched. I may use some ric-rac on top of the stitching on a few.

I hand washed them and put them in the dryer to pucker them and make them softer, then pinking-sheared the outer edges.

To me, even a pile of scraps can be evocative.

Now these are ready to sew into clothes. Don’t you just love beautiful labels on the inside of your clothes? Nobody will see them but you, but a finishing detail such as this can completely lift a garment’s status. I may even sew them on the outside! I also plan to use my labels for other projects like a pillow (maybe even on the front?), a rug, or a stuffed animal. Can you think of anything else?

Have a creative day ~ Karen 

21 thoughts on “Getting ready to sew: stamping a fun label

  1. Karen , I actually think sandwiching the label between the seams of the pillow so it sticks out of the side would be cute – I’m like you, I love clothes with a pretty label inside, even if I’m the only one that sees it!


  2. Good Morning! This is so strange. As last night I was on the Internet and going through a bunch of my books looking for labels and ideas to put on the back of a rug I just finished for My daughter!
    I think these would look great on a blue jean jacket using several different ones. Also you could maybe use them on a lampshade
    in a collage form. Old looking ones done in your favorite faded colors. Just a quirky idea! But for your studio, it might be fun!! Happy Sewing Day!!


  3. Karen, I’ve been stamping like crazy ever since your last post about stamping. Now this…..thanks for sharing your ideas and talent! Not too many people are so giving. Maria


  4. REALLY CUTE LABELS! I was doing some paper stamping projects a few years back, but gave that up for other arts and crafts. Now I’m all enthused to get a new stamp or two and a new stamp pad. Love the idea of something like this on old jeans, jackets, or maybe summer t’s. Also would be cute on fabric bags. Thanks for sharing this fun project with us, Karen. It’s very timely for me right now to play with something new and different!


    • stamping has so many possibilities. even though i can print anything on my full color printer, it still doesn’t have the same look as a stamp. but using fabric takes it to another level for me. making your own fabric! i hope that you will share what you come up with. thanks for the comment.


  5. Hi Karen. The labels look fabulous. Love the stamps you have used. I use Staz-On ink for stamping onto fabric. You only need to let it dry no fixing is necessary. Sadle brown and timber brown are nice colours for a vintage look.
    Have a lovely day.
    Florence x


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