My experiment with stained glass paint

I have had this stained glass paint around for so long that I can’t even say where I got it from. I pulled it out of storage to do a wild little experiment. 

I had been thinking of fitting a small vintage window with stained glass, and hanging it in front of a window that looks out into my neighbor’s yard. The old window has chippy paint and is not in very good shape, so I didn’t want to invest much in the glass. I thought that I would try to make some faux stained glass. So let’s see what this paint does.

I had four panes of glass cut to size at my hardware store, and promptly laid them out on my paper covered table. I started slathering on the paint. I wasn’t sure how much to put on. The aqua paint went on pretty thickly and got tacky pretty fast, whereas the yellow was runny. I just plodded ahead, drizzling and brushing on swirls of color. An hour later I checked the pieces. When I held them up to the light they didn’t look very interesting.

So, I pulled out the rest of the arsenal of paints I had. Time to get more daring.

I started swirling blues and greens on top of the other colors.

I drizzled lines and spots of color, dragging my brush through some of it to try to simulate the look of stained glass. When I was done it looked wild and emotional, as if I was channeling Vincent Van Gogh and his Starry, Starry Night. Not the subtle and restrained coloration I envisioned. But I did have a lot of fun. It kind of looks like a childlike finger painting.

When I flipped the glass over the colors were a bit more muted, so I chose this side for the front. I like the effect in some places, but in the spots where I put the paint on thickly it looks bit muddy.

I pushed a few clear plastic thumb tacks into the wood on the back of the window frame to hold the panes in place. A temporary finish, that way it will be easy to change the glass out.

Do you think you might try your hand at using stained glass paint? If you do, just approach it like an adventure. Since the paint gets tacky so quickly, you must have a plan and move fast, making sure you cover the entire surface. I definitely would like to try it again. Next time I think that I would paint several color in thinner layers, letting each dry.

Have a fun and a creative day, thanks for stopping by ~ Karen


9 thoughts on “My experiment with stained glass paint

  1. Hi Karen. I think you MIGHT have been able to do a similar thing with acrylics…using a glazing medium, infused with small amts of pure colours of your choice (e.g. Tri-Art liquid acrylics), you could have painted on whatever you wanted, without the same need for speed, and with full control. I know acrylic painters who paint on glass, although perhaps the supplies you used are a bit more light fast. I like your idea of using an old frame this way…and I think I will try with regular acrylic glazing medium – I’ll send you a photo if it works! Love your blog, found you thanks to my rug hooking mentor in Canada, Loretta Bluher Moore 🙂


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