Announcing my new venue

I am open for business at Primitive Spirit Goods, a place where I am selling some of my handmade things. Here is where I will be periodically listing hooked rugs and accesories, jewelry, knitting, and more. You can get there by clicking on the Primitive Spirit Goods logo in the right hand column or just click on Primitive Spirit Goods in the menu above. When you arrive there you can subscribe at the bottom right of the home page, and receive an email whenever I list something new to sell.

I have hooked quite a lot of rugs and find it hard to let go of them. For one thing, I like to take them to classes and use them as teaching aids. They are helpful for color planning and for understanding the hooking techniques that I use. They represent the history of Primitive Spirit designs, and it is a walk down memory lane for me to look at my work. A great deal of my rugs are kept in storage, not often getting to be displayed.

I have been considering selling some of my hooked rugs for a while now, feeling that I can part with some of them at last. Especially knowing that they would be displayed, no longer rolled up in a corner. In this way I hope that the happiness and magic in them will be spread out far and wide.

I wanted to create a place to shop for my work that feels like a gallery, where you can enjoy each piece on an uncluttered backdrop. I hope that you will check it out.

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