Crafting can have a fairy tale ending

When I began blogging about my crochet vest, I knew that I was stepping out on a limb. What if it looked horrible on me? I knew that more often than not, I don’t like my finished garment: I can’t get it to fit right, or it is just not a becoming style on me. Do you ever have that problem?

I did have to undo things as a crocheted this top. I actually finished the whole front of the tank top before I realized that my gauge was a tad too small for an already close-fitting design. I pulled it all out and started over. And then I re-did the top edge a couple of times until it was right.

I was so happy that I liked how my tank top came out. But I wanted you to know that not everything comes out right in my world of making things. I have started projects and have given up on them. I am well familiar with that feeling of disappointment that comes over you when a project bombs. Sometimes you just can’t fix it.

And that is alright. I love creating, so I move on to the next idea.Ā I always hope for the best next time and try to learn from my mistakes.

Happy day ~ Karen

23 thoughts on “Crafting can have a fairy tale ending

  1. Karen, your vest looks fabulous! And, perfect or not, your projects are always captivating ~ I’m learning so much from you! One of the endearing sayings I remember from my grandmother is, “there are no mistakes, only opportunities”… I seem to make lots of “opportunities” on a daily basis! šŸ™‚


  2. Your vest looks great. Very wise words. I think we sometimes miss a lot of valuable opportunities because we fear failure.


  3. Yes i also have that problem. These days I am much quicker to give it another go though. With my dyeing, I sometimes think I dislike a certain piece I’ve made- but then a few days later, I find it and I love it. I love your vest and it looks very good on you. I’m glad you kept at it and shared. Such a good lesson for me!


  4. Your vest looks great. I think you have expressed how most crafters feel….sometimes things turn out great and then sometimes it is three steps forward and two steps back.


  5. Please take this in the context it was meant! YOU LOOK HOT in your little vest! Totally darling. Like totally!!!! (says the native Californian) And that necklace. LUV it!!!!! Like J.Lo says…….grrrrrrrr,,,and shakes her fists,,,,,everything just looks perfect.
    I laughed over your sentence with the words “project bombs”…..and I would use the word “bomb” as a noun. I have several project bombs! You just have to find a different way to finish and use and learn along the way. Oh to be the trashman in your neighborhood! HA!
    Some people have true talent and some don’t. I have to say, you win me over every time! You never cease to amaze me.


  6. Tour vest looks fab. I am thinking it is time to try this myself. I can assure you that mine will be more bomb than not as I can’t read patterns. the Bain of my craft existence!

    Blessings on your day, Karen


  7. Very cute Karen! Isn’t it just grand when these projects work out and we actually wear them?! Yours is perfect…. fit, color, and style. I just downloaded a free knitting pattern on Rivalry. It’s a little drop over type of top. It’s sort of lacy and airy, and I think/hope it will be an easy knit and something fun to wear over tanks this summer. I’ll post some shots as it get going.


    • of course i am always interested in free knitting patterns. there are some great ones out there on ravelry, i love that group! can’t wait to see. i tried to leave a comment on your blog about your gorgeous gazing ball, but i didn’t work. do you have a way to subscribe to your blog?


      • I can’t find a way to subscribe to blogs on blogspot. I think following is the only way of keeping up regularly…. I don’t believe there’s a way to get notifications of new posts by email like there is with wordpress. But, I may be wrong. I bought my yarn for my new knitting project, and very excited to get started. The pattern on ravelry is the linen top pattern by Kat Coyle. I found a pretty cotton combination that’s shades of taupe graduating into a very soft pale lavender. I did more hooking on the gazing ball pattern, but I think I’ve hooked too “bold” with some of the flower and leaf motifs. I don’t want them to take over the gazing ball…….. will choose some softer colors.


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