A chair is to sit

I collect chairs. It makes sense. A chair is a place to sit. But my collection of chairs is about much more than that.

There is something beautiful and timeless about a chair. Its very shape is evocative.

It can call to me, make me feel something.

Even if I don’t sit in it, it can make me feel comforted, comfortable. I can almost see my old Grandma sitting there chatting with me.

I wonder sometimes if I collect chairs just to have a place to put a pillow
or a beautiful textile.

Chairs can become little art galleries.

The bones of a chair can look like a sculpture.

A homey still life interacting with the filtering light.

Each one of my chairs has their own personality and says something different to me.

Sometimes I think that I have too many chairs.

What a silly thought.

~ Karen


24 thoughts on “A chair is to sit

  1. Love that last chair. I can only imagine whats underneath the floral cover! For me its rocking chairs…I love them and have quite a few. I agree they have there own personalities and I just love sitting in them. Its very hard for me to pass up a beautiful rocker!


  2. Karen, happy to know other “CHAIR” lovers are out there in the world like me also. My own fave is a tri-corner chair with rush woven seat .An original drawing of my grandson’s proudly “sits” in it as a pillow I hooked. Thank you Karen for blogging. I am inspired by you.


  3. Have you ever seen them hung from a wall and used as shelving?
    Kids chairs lend themselves nicely to this.
    Makes a nice effect, not to mention practical.


  4. What a collection! (Specially intrigued by the second from the bottom one) Totally understand your love for old chairs and don’t think one can have too many.


    • the second from the bottom chair is actually my only new chair. but i chose it because it is from a vintage chair design with a pressed design that i especially love. thank you for commenting!


  5. I totally understand your chair thing (and mine of course) as there are never enough chairs (or wool!) Thanks for posting this Support Gallery.


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