Garden time is a magic time

My garden needs to awaken from its long winter’s nap. The weather here has turned the corner finally, and my energies need to move outside to planting vegetables. Everything out here is suffering from neglect. But I am choosing to zone in on the garden, and not get distracted by the zillion other jobs calling to me. 

Before I could bear the thought of digging in the dirt, I needed a place to sit outside. For me it is important to get a plan, to survey the damages, to get a vision for what the possibilities are.

Here is my mid morning tea time at my bistro table with my gardening planting guide and my seed packets.

This year I will grow more tomatoes, a couple zucchini hills, cucumbers, lots of bush beans and greens. We love eating all these things.

If you are going to follow my blog you need to understand that my creative time is seasonal. I am not always sitting at my rug hooking frame designing patterns and dyeing wool. I need the change, the creative variety. And the rhythm of gardening has been part of my life since childhood. I look forward to having this connection with nature. I once heard someone refer to their life as how many gardens they have grown and how many gardens they have left to grow. What an interesting way to see one’s life!

I want to make sure that every year I grow a garden. For me, planting seeds is mysterious and magical. It never fails to bring out my child-like spirit, as twenty times a day I stoop close to the soil looking for each tiny sprout.

Enjoy the simple pleasures today ~ Karen


16 thoughts on “Garden time is a magic time

  1. I am delighted to find out that you are not constantly hooking. I want to…but there are just so many other things calling to me, like gardens and sun. These “other” things are the soul of our projects!


  2. Hi!! We too plant a garden and it is wonderful to see the results!! Of Course, most important is reaping the benefits!! Eating all the veggies!! Have a great day in the garden.


  3. Good Morning Karen,
    I am glad to hear that your blog is multi-diimensional! This shows us more of your inner spirit and allows us sneak peak into your day.
    We all want more hours in the day to create, whether it’s in the garden, flower beds or in our textilural art forms. Creating a garden or a beautiful fower beds has a very meditative effect on the soul and checking on the results is really checking on your inner spirit. It’s truly a joy to hear that people are getting back to gardening and realizing the wonderous effect it has on the body and soul.
    Enjoy each day in the sun .Charish and nurture the soul for it too is a living thing!


    • thanks for this reminder, sheri. i seem to feel happier if i can spend time out of doors. even when there is so many other things to do, if i can take a walk and be outside, i feel better!


  4. I’m with you! When the good weather is here, we must go outside and enjoy it! Spring, Summer, Fall for planting and growing flowers, veggies and pumpkins…. and then in Winter we can hook what we wish we were growing! lol!


  5. Hi Karen,
    That’s what I love about your blog.
    I’m eating fresh organic salads from my garden already. We had a couple of warm weeks up here in Canada. We planted some organic seeds, babied them for a few weeks and now enjoy our salads. Happy planting.


  6. Coming from south Florida we gardened in the winter months, it’s so hard to wait til May so the first few warmer/dry days in April I start our small garden with veggie starts from Rite-Aid, usually about 8 different tomatoe plants and some snap peas and beans. I wrap the tomatoe cages (heavy duty square ones) with cheap plastic drop cloths from Dollar Store. I have loads of blossoms and about 8 tomatoes the size of nickels. I’ll leave the plastic on till June. Hopefully they will be a good yield so we will have loads of sauce in the freezer this winter. I love reading your blog, even though I only wool applique, someday I’ll hook.


    • thank you, marie, for stopping by and making your comment on gardening. i did something similar with my tomatoes last year. i started earlier with large plants given me by a friend. such a great idea. i want to put up tomatoes this year instead of just drying them. which reminds me, i need to get some out for salads!


  7. I’m so glad I was able to contribute to your garden planting. The wool is lucious and plan to hook some smaller projects, two patterns of yours I’ve been saving for a while which will be perfect for spring/summer. It’s always fun to start something new for our Green Mtn. Rug Hooking Guild “Summer Hook-In” in New Hampshire the end of July. Can’t wait!! I to love change and each season dictates what I will be working on. I’ve put away my knitting until late August/September. Our large Champlain Valley Quilt Show will be here soon come June/July which always inspires me to quilt again, the smell of freshly laundered cotton fabric, the buzz of my new sewing machine and piecing all the fabulous colors. I just finished my “Vermont Clover” rug after 2-1/2 years and has found it’s place in my living room. Now it is planting time, which I love having grown up with a large garden my father faithfully tendered day after day. His legacy of gardening certainly moved on to me. My herb garden is my greatest love, the smells, cooking with, drying for winter come Fall. My new herb this year is
    “Clary Sage” which will smell wonderful, balsam like, when it’s dried and dispursed among my wool to repel moths. I came upon this herb during my visit to Plymouth Plantation while completing my geneology. It was used as a tea to sooth upset stomachs and used like common sage for cooking and can be used in potpourris.
    Happy Gardening…quilting…..hooking…..knitting…..Heavenly!!


    • diane, thanks so much for your wonderful comment. i am going to check into clary sage. i did not realize it smelled like balsam when dried! the changing of the season is a powerful shift. even though it has happened for over 50 years in my life, it still happens with such newness and surprise every time. i love how nature brings about new energy! so great to hear from you.


  8. Karen,
    We share our passions – art & gardens – and follow their schedules, or at least the gardens schedule, in how our days are spent.
    Happy Gardening. I can’t wait to see and hear more about what’s growing.
    Linda Wiggen Kraft


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