Down To Earth has it all

My favorite place to buy plants in town is called Down To Earth.

Here’s where we run to get organic starts for the garden.

They just got in a fresh shipment of veggies, so they had everything on my list plus more. A feast of green! I picked out 6 tomato plants, several kinds of greens, basil, parsley, and more.

And my son and his fiance, Dylan and Alicia, gave me a gift certificate for Mother’s Day, so I bought a new blue pot and a kneeling seat. I have a weakness for scented geraniums, so I bought 2 varieties of those.

Quite a haul. And this is just one of the two plant boxes! Now I have to plant it all. It is overcast and perfect for transplanting. I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt!

Have a great day ~ Karen

4 thoughts on “Down To Earth has it all

  1. I think that gardening, rug hooking, knitting, and all the other “handmade” loves that we all seem to enjoy go together like pieces of a puzzle that make us who we are. Isn’t it nice to have a great place to go to for gardening supplies?! I have a couple
    of little special gardening spots that I hit almost weekly until the season for planting is over. So much nicer than going to a big box store for planting needs.


    • yes, i love my little store, too. all my favorite people work there. actually one of them is my neighbor! and when the planting fever hits, it is so tempting to keep checking out what’s new, and just being around inspiring gardening stuff!


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