Always sew from your heart

Today was rainy and seemed a perfect day for indoor activities such as starting a sewing project.

I have been collecting linen for clothes making and dove into my stash today. I am making a jacket design that I created by altering a tunic pattern I had. As I was doing some hand sewing I was reminded of a charming story told to me by a professional seamstress I worked for in Connecticut. I happen to cut my thread very long for hand sewing because I hate to stop to re-thread. My employer chided me when she saw me sewing, launching into her tale. This is my best remembrance of it:

A girl was told by her father that she was to marry a man she did not love. He was a tailor. She loved someone else who loved her and wanted to marry her. Her father told her that she could marry whomever could finish sewing a garment. He felt that he had won, because his choice was the tailor. The daughter’s only request was that she would be the one to cut the thread and thread the needles. So for the tailor she cut long, cumbersome threads that tangled and knotted. For her true love she cut each length of thread only as long as her outstretched hand to her heart.

And yes, you know the happy ending. Her lover finished the garment first, since the tailor had to struggle with the LONG threads!

I think of the story whenever my thread tangles! I have gotten a little better at cutting shorter threads. Today I really felt that I needed stronger reading glasses! Gray on gray gives me double vision!

I had my dear dog wanting to be near me as I sewed today.

I gave her a little towel to snooze on. She is my oldie.

My new tool for sewing is a bias tape maker, which I love. I made my own bias tape for the neckline. It is very easy, as you pull your strip through, ironing as it comes out. I love bias tape!

The fun finish was using a mish-mash of buttons from my collection. I would rather use a melange of different buttons than one uniform style. It looks more fun and adds more color to the finished piece. That way my garments seem to coordinate with more things.

My new Janome sewing machine has an easy button-hole maker, so making them was a breeze. I am so happy to have a new machine. The Singer machine that I had been using was about 30 years old and sounded like a tractor!

Thanks for stopping by today! ~ Karen

12 thoughts on “Always sew from your heart

  1. I saw a rug hooking tool at my local yarn supply store yesterday. I thought of you and this blog and your beautiful work. I didn’t buy the hook, though it was very beautiful. I thought “i’ll wait and read Primitive Spirit and see if there is any info about what tools to use.” So I’ll be tooling around your blog today. Loved the story.


    • marjorie, i have not reviewed hooks, however my favorite it the hartman small ball handle hook. choosing a hook is personal preference. you should bring some hooking with you and give the hook a test before buying it.


  2. Hi Karen,
    Loved your post today! The story is great! I cut my threads long too and pay for it but hate threading the needle! LOL!
    Your jacket turned out lovely! Are you going to model it for us?
    Such a sweet pooch who keeps you company!
    Been enjoying you blog so much!
    Cathy G


  3. All my hand work comes from my heart,hence the name, From Sherry’s Heart. That’s a great story!!! Maybe I need to cut my threads a little shorter!!! You have a beautiful blog that I just love coming to!!! Thank You!! Sherry…..From Sherry’s Heart


  4. Loved the story Karen!. ..and here is a quilters tip for less knotting of thread . . always put the end of thread that comes off the spool into the needle eye , , ,, it really helps with long pieces !
    Nice sewing machine!


  5. Loved your post and story that was shared with you. Thanks for sharing it with us! I pay for it all the time too with longer threads. Will have to challenge myself some time and use shorter threads and see for myself if it actually takes less time! I’m with everyone else…. I hope we see the garment on you 🙂


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