After the sewing comes my favorite part: the wearing!

I love linen weather. What is linen weather? It’s the time when the seasons gets milder and all I want to wear is linen. When that magic time rolls around, I start thinking about sewing myself something new.

A few days ago I wrote about making a jacket and posted some photos of it in progress. Today I finished the shift that goes with it, and so wanted to model the two pieces.

The jacket is a charcoal gray mixed texture linen, and the design has tails at the sides that can tie together. I like to wear the sleeves rolled up.

The sleeveless shift is a charcoal and white striped linen, and the hem is uneven, dipping down at the sides. I especially like its apron-like quality. Both pieces are  semi-sheer and are designed to be worn as layers with other garments. I think that I bought both of these fabrics at Joanne Fabrics a couple of years ago.

I was inspired to make my outfit after seeing some vintage type designs online. To get my designs I altered an Amy Butler tunic pattern, redrafting the extra small size into different shapes. If you are interested in making or altering your own patterns, a couple of good books are The Colette Sewing Handbook by Sarai Mitnick, and Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch.

I loved the step by step color photos and the 5 full-sized patterns in Sarai’s book.

I definitely want to make one or two of the designs in her book.

After finishing a project I try to make time to clean up my work area before delving into something new. But I may just start another sewing project since I am all set up. So now that I have come to my favorite part — the wearing, I come to my other favorite part — the dreaming!

What is in your dreaming-to-make file?

What is your favorite part?

Have a great day ~ Karen

23 thoughts on “After the sewing comes my favorite part: the wearing!

  1. Hi Karen,
    I love to hook and do hand work, but not to sew, on a sewing machine. I marvel at your ability to change crocheting and sewing patterns into what you want.
    Your outfit is beautiful. Have fun wearing it!


  2. Your sewing project looks great on you. And you are so naturally pretty-really!
    I wish i was that good at sewing. I plan on working on it once i move into my bigger home this summer-where i can set up my sewing machine away from my 3 kids! I already have a nice collection of fabrics!
    I love your blog-your old school and so talented and i LOVE IT!!!


  3. Your outfit looks lovely. I seem to dream of one project at a time. Right now, I am all absorbed in the hooking of my newly designed rug, and I honestly do not know where my imagination will take me once it is finished!


  4. It’s Wonderful Karen! Looks super on you :). Looking forward to seeing what your next sewing project is since you already have everything out! I have been trying to do the same thing after I finish one project, cleaning it up…. it’s a process lol, but I’m getting there!


  5. Love your new linen outfit! Your new studio seems to have spurred your creative juices which were already in high gear. Each post gives all of us something to think about. Some look to Martha…I look to Karen!


  6. Love your choice of fabrics. Some people are just blessed to see patterns three dimensionally. I can do it a little bit….but not with clothing. My husband, who is a builder, can look at the blueprints and actually walk through the house in his mind…not me and not most homebuyers. It is a gift…enjoy it!


  7. Your shift and jacket are so lovely! I love the way you hemmed the shift. Very chic. And it looks very comfortable -so important! Looks fabulous on you!! And thanks for your input about the rug hooker.


  8. Oh my goodness! What a great outfit! I love the classy style that can’t be found on the shelf. You look fabulous wearing it too!

    What’s on my dreaming to make file? lol! What’s my character limit for posting a comment… lol! 😉


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