A new free rug hooking pattern is in the works

I am working on a new free rug hooking pattern for you called Seaweed. The 13″ x 18″ design is inspired by a vintage rug. I anticipate having it formatted for you to be able to print out by sometime next week.

I am in the process of color planning it, and am thinking of emulating the piece that inspired it by using an antique black background.

I also wanted to draw your attention to the above menu bar, and the new page entitled Coming Up. If you click on it today it will tell you pretty much the same thing that I am saying in this post, however it will be a shortcut for you to find out anything I have planned for the future. This also might be a good place for you to leave any suggestions for new posts. I really appreciate any ideas you have.

Here it is, the month of June! I am finding the days of the week to be flying by so quickly, that it begins to feel like a month is the new week!

Thanks for being a part of my hilariously short Monday ~ Karen


25 thoughts on “A new free rug hooking pattern is in the works

  1. Reblogged this on Simple Thyme Prims and commented:
    A month is the new week … how true ..love this phrase … I am finding that the more we relax and enjoy our time … it doesn’t fly by so quickly … living in the moment is key.


  2. I am SO enjoying the articles and pictures that you graciously share with us. I cannot wait to get started on “seaweed”. You asked about suggestions and ideas and I wondered if you are planning to color consult and show finishing techniques for your new “seaweed” pattern?
    Keep doing what you do girl….you are a hidden treasurer!!!!
    Thank you!!!!


  3. I love all that you do and really admire your way with color. I got your Vintage Dye Book and the color swatches and would like to dye some wool to match your selection. I encourage everyone to get your dye nooks. They are the best of all that I have and the wool swatches really help to get that color just right.


  4. Oh Karen I’m looking forward to this design. I loved the Spiral Chair pad and want to hook it but still haven’t drawn it out. Too many designs and not enough hours in a day.


  5. I finished my spiral chair pad this week and feel like I took a rug hooking course from you. Thank you again for all that you share. I have only been hooking since September and try to learn as much as I can and your blog has been invaluable to me! I can’t wait for the pattern you are hinting at. Could that be the back legs of a sea turtle?


  6. I can’t wait! I just finished up the spiral with the crocheted edge. I’ve still got to blog about it! I always get inspired popping over to see you. Now, if school would just end so I can get to the pile of waiting rug projects!


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