Seaweed rug hooking pattern is in the works

While I am working on putting the pattern into PDF form for you to print out, I am taking a look at my wool selection, pulling wools that attract me for this project.

I have settled on some background colors and the light value. I will be using 3 colors from my etsy wool collection: inky olive, dark olive brown, and underfoot. If I am out of these colors, I will restock them soon.

Of course I will dive into the stash, trying very hard not to pick my favorite color…. Well, okay, I’ll cut a few strips of it just to make me feel at home!

Another thing that is handy to have around when you begin a new rug hooking project, is a miscellaneous color bag. It is easy for these to get very very large, so watch out! But an assortment of colors sometimes brings to mind the right color. And you don’t have to go very far to get a bit of it. If you need more, go to your stash and find more of that wool or something similar to it. Or if you have to, dye more of that color. Or, heaven forbid, buy more!

I like to store my leftover strips in clear vinyl zipper bags so that I can see all the way to the bottom of the bag. Like digging for buried treasure, I often find a gem.

Look for the free Seaweed rug hooking pattern in Monday’s post!

Have a creative day ~ Karen

6 thoughts on “Seaweed rug hooking pattern is in the works

  1. Karen, I put one each of the 3 colors you mentioned in my cart on Etsy. Is that enough of those colors? (? A fat quarter each)


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