Blending fabrics creates interest in rug hooking

When you are hooking a rug, using several similar colors in a blend is more interesting to look at than one color. I am working on the Seaweed pattern, and at the top of my frame I keep several color choices in which to work from.

I like the copper-brown color in the bulb of my seaweed plant. I have hooked part of it, and want to add some variety to it. I am lining up some alternatives that I think might hook up to look close but not identical.

Here is how they look up close. After hooking a bit, I step back and see how I like it.

I like how the copper colors look. As you can see, I am changing colors in my leaves as the hooking progresses. I am still not sure that I have hit upon the right colors.

As I hook more background, the backdrop of the rug emerges, helping me to see the finished picture better. I removed the orange seaweed bloom, and am now trying the purple color there. It looks okay, but I am still not settled on it. Here are more colors on the left that I am thinking of adding to the mix.

I hope that you are enjoying the free pattern Seaweed and are finding some time to hook on it.

 More next time ~ Karen


10 thoughts on “Blending fabrics creates interest in rug hooking

  1. Good morning Karen. I look forward to your posts each morning with anticipation of what you will share next. I just love all your little lessons and thank you again for sharing your tips on blending and choosing color and yet another free pattern “Seaweed”. I love your copper choice and I find myself blending similar colors together more and more. I cannot just use one wool any more. Blending makes a piece look so much more interesting. Good luck with finding the right color. My eye keeps going back to the orange as it does add a pop of color. Your blog has been all the buzz of conversation at the Hinesburg Hooking group on Monday nights. We love it!


  2. Thank you for the “free” pattern, color advice and such a nice blog to read. Oh, I am one of the Hinesburg Hookers and we really love your work. Presently I have a broken ankle and can’t get to much of my wool on different levels, but look out when I can.


  3. Wonderful Karen. I look forward to reading your blog every morning…set’s my day! Thank you again for sharing your talents with all of us, you are truly an artist!


  4. I’m loving how this is coming out. Thanks for sharing your tips on color bending. I am finding that I prefer the blending rather than one color, as it makes it look more interesting. I really love how your background is coming out with the different shades of green and olive. I can’t wait to get to jump into this project.


    • thanks for commenting about color blending, as it is my favorite thing to do — and not just blending wool in rug hooking, but with beads in jewelry making, with tiles in mosaics, with flowers in gardening!


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